• Social Media Platforms And Its Swearwords

    7 de Agosto de 2022 by

    Before talking about somebody’s else life or even sharing your life and other matters on social media, think about it twice. Think that your actions, and words, can hurt other people unnecessarily, sometimes based on pure ignorance.

  • Reconditioning Your Core Beliefs to Keep Peace

    27 de Julho de 2022 by

    Science and social science exist to make us feel safe, understood, and part of the community. These recent social waves are part, like it or not, of political and economic forces.

    Be aware of it, and when in doubt, seek credentialed information.

  • What is a Woman?! The Perils of Narcissistic Insanity.

    24 de Julho de 2022 by

    Recently the world has emerged in what I call the madness era of pronouns, the nightmare of well-perceived narcissistic tendencies of people from both barricades emerging from the darkness.
    Never in our history have we seen so many people talking about genes, human biology, hormones, and other stuff to justify their positions.

  • Ricky Gervais’s Show and some Pertinent Societal Questions to Ask!

    2 de Junho de 2022 by

    Medical situations should never be part of the political lobby, nor should either be scrutinized by malicious “ignorants”, where I include journalists, and other related mediatic fields. And the LGBTQIA+ system is part of that reality, that lobby. The more labels we give to people, the more we tear them apart.

    Forget the cancel culture. Let’s laugh, but laugh wisely!

  • The Pain of Not Happening

    12 de Maio de 2022 by

    How many of us fear uncertainty without understanding that this is an opportunity to rebuild or adjust our character? What is our core, our nucleus, if not the door for living an expanding life?

  • Fear of Missing Out: The Real State Nightmare!

    21 de Abril de 2022 by

    Boy meets the girl. The girl meets the boy. Lovely birds in love as the bell is ringing up in the sky. But, oh no, the nightmare will start, there is no perfect nest, the prices are skying high. Who knows this reality? Please put your hand up in the air!

  • Women: The Power of living

    8 de Março de 2022 by

    Today is Women’s day. But what does it mean to be a woman? Is being a woman marasmus of conceptions that lead nowhere? Competition for the spotlight? I don’t believe in narcissistic theories. Being a woman is all about awareness, the internalization of the impactful roles that we play in our societies, families, and intimate relationships.

  • ONE DAY!

    17 de Fevereiro de 2022 by

    If you have found your person already, give them all the right reasons to stay because later can be too late.

  • Let’s stop Female Rivalry!

    20 de Janeiro de 2022 by

    According to Noam Shpancer (2014), “high status and very attractive women need less help and protection from other women and are less motivated to invest in other women (who represent potential competition). Thus, a woman who tries to distinguish or promote herself threatens other women and will encounter hostility.”

  • Tears for Fears, Rewriting the Meaning of Being a Powerful Woman

    14 de Janeiro de 2022 by

    Emotional stable women won’t compete for men. In truth, it will be a turn-off, and they will leave without regrets even if the guy seems to be, at first glance, appealing. Stable women will invade your life with positivity standing by your side and reaching out with insightful conversations that you never had. “She’s the fire and the fallout. She reminds you of the things we never talk about. She’s the lover with the best-laid plan.”

  • Look for a Life Partner, Wisely!

    10 de Janeiro de 2022 by

    You may have shared interests. You may feel limerence when with them. But when dating with intentionality, priorities are reliability and stability. And no dating app or social media can provide you that. Awareness and sovereignty are the necessary requisites to achieve your goal.

  • New Years are Redemption Opportunities

    5 de Janeiro de 2022 by

    New years are redemption opportunities. However, there is something we must take into consideration, our subconscious mind. Without taking on board our subconscious mind, which is responsible for processing 20 million bits per second of information, the necessary changes in our lives won’t happen.

  • Overcoming Emotional Burnout: My Journey

    19 de Dezembro de 2021 by

    If you are experiencing exhaustion talk about it to those close to you. Seek professional help and quit all stressors in your life. Be it your work, personal relationships, or both. Yes, it will be a scary place to go, but we all live once.

    The night won’t stop you from leaving. The wind is calling. Have the courage to be happy. For you, above all for you!

    Merry Christmas a see you next year!

  • To be Loved by Adele

    16 de Dezembro de 2021 by

    Self-love isn’t the cure for all ailments. Dealing with another person requires maturity and having at least all drawers in the right place. 

  • Why Can’t You Find a Partner?

    30 de Outubro de 2021 by

    By removing your body and mind from what feels comfortable, you are opening new doors, new possibilities, and trust me, looking at kindhearted individuals will be a brand newish thrilling experience.

  • Should You Talk About Your Past With Your Partner? Yes, but Not as You Think!

    26 de Outubro de 2021 by

    “Having boundaries doesn’t make you uptight. Feeling uncomfortable when someone overshares doesn’t make you an uncaring person. Everyone has boundaries. Acknowledging, setting, and protecting yours is a kind of self-care. When others recognize and don’t try to cross them, it is a sign of respect. Healthy relationships require sharing yourself with others, but they also require boundaries between what is a comfortable level of closeness and what is TMI.”

    Andrea Brandt Ph.D. M.F.T.

  • Letting You Go

    10 de Outubro de 2021 by

    ‘Saying goodbye allows us to put words to feelings, shape how we remember someone, codify our choices, and frame distinct periods of time. In short, goodbyes give us a sense of closure as we move into the next phases of our lives.’ – Jo-Ann Finkelstein Ph.D.

  • She Remembers

    5 de Outubro de 2021 by

    The last goodbye kiss, is this our goodbye? 
    You and I the forging force of lovers 
    with so much unsaid and undone. 
    I remember. I will remember. 

  • Are You an Intimidating Woman? No! Just a Fragile and Stronger Human Being.

    28 de Setembro de 2021 by

    The most rewarding experiences come from different people who can align themselves in life together. Remember, perhaps tomorrow we might not be here, so as long as we are, be sure to surpass yourself to the point where the one you love will continue his or her’s prosperity even in your absence. Because you nurtured their individuality and saw who they were despite their ‘malfunctions’.

    We are humans. We are fragile beings.

  • I Wanna Love You… But I Don’t by Ben Platt

    26 de Agosto de 2021 by

    We are indoctrinated since a young age by movies, songs, and role models that love is an automatic response. That we must find the perfect person, the soulmate, “the one”, and everything will flow. We aren’t taught or teaching our children how to deal with frustration. Different points of view, general differences on how to approach daily life matters.

    Sadly, the rule now is if there is a difference, then the other person isn’t the right fit for us.

  • IF You Are a Woman, Never Make This Mistake!

    21 de Agosto de 2021 by

    Men and women are spending too much time online and not cultivating their relationships correctly. The other side of the coin is that now everything is allowed and normalized, leading to permissive behaviors and blaming the uncomfortable partner for calling out those behaviors.

  • How to Transform Your Relationship with Dismissive Avoidant Partner?

    13 de Agosto de 2021 by

    Is every relationship worthy of saving if both partners are willing to do the work? Myth or true? The general rule is 90% of intimate relationships are worth saving. But they tend to fail because, over time, human needs aren’t being met, attachment styles are getting in the way, and finally, a profound misinterpretation of each other love language. 

  • The Art of Setting Boundaries in Intimate Relationships

    7 de Agosto de 2021 by

    Permissiveness is the antidote to desire, emotional attraction, and intimate connection. As Gottman points out, in a committed relationship, we should maintain boundaries in our other relationships as a way to maintain not only the privacy of our commitment but also protect our partners. 

  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg

    23 de Julho de 2021 by

    As Rosenberg explains, in a world and culture in which silence cult is incited, judging individuals harshly for exposing their needs is our daily cup of tea. We often get scared and shocked when someone reveals parts of themselves essential to bond correctly with us (the real vulnerability). Everyone wants to possess the courage but is fearful of doing so.

  • Farming and Mental Health

    18 de Julho de 2021 by

    Agriculture is affected by multiple factors. Climatic adversity, market prices, or political uncertainties. Farm bankruptcies, demanding workloads, lack of social support from cooperatives, and finally, relational conflicts or sabotaging behaviors based on envy from family members or companies managers that provide support services to farmers. Mental health risks among this population are well-documented. However, protective factors remain somehow unknown. (Liang et al., 2021)

  • What Can Gavin James’s Song “Sober” Teach About Us And Love?

    10 de Julho de 2021 by

    It is impressive and enthralling how music can transport us to already experienced moments, how it can comfort us in painful moments such as a breakup or the loss of a loved one. Or to celebrate special events.
    But, shall I ask, how often do we understand the message and lesson behind the lyric? What can a song teach about us, others, love, and relationships?

  • Online Romance and Cybercrime

    6 de Julho de 2021 by

    Online romance scams can happen on every online platform. But now besides regular dating apps, Instagram and even Facebook is the favorite place to scammers actions. Also, don’t think that only naive people or uneducated people fall into these schemes, quite the opposite.

    Why does this happen? First of all, every human being, when seeking relationships, seek trait variety. In the evolutionary aspect of our species, we want the best genes for our offspring. Therefore, if online dating opens the gate of a wider range of possible partners from different nationalities, of course, we want to try that possibility.

  • Rebecca’s Syndrome and The Phantom Ex

    2 de Julho de 2021 by

    According to Gottman (2019), true commitment means

    that you create a wall around you and your partner with an open window between you. This wall around the two of you separates you from others in terms of your deepest emotional and physical connections (…) Also, if we’re committed, we have given this person everything we have to offer. There’s nothing left over for another lover. That’s a risky decision, but it’s essential. Without this level of commitment, love will not last. (pp.40, 41)

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