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By Alexandra Maria Santos

  • When Bae Says: We need to Talk!

    25 de Março de 2020 by

    “You know something is up when your boyfriend or girlfriend bae tells you “we need to talk.” Most of the time it can be a pretty ominous sign that you really screwed up in your relationship. But dating can be full of surprises and sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems! We hope…”

  • Breakups and Love in Mayonnaise

    20 de Março de 2020 by

    Although some relationships will fail naturally, others fail because people have this idea that good partners are pushovers or too good to be true. This fallacy leads many men and women to have mayonnaise relationships or love in mayonnaise because of fear of being hurt, and someone will take advantage of them.

  • The Power of Not Belonging

    17 de Março de 2020 by

    Being the “black sheep” means you don’t sell yourself away based on what you hear and what people try to sell you into it. You keep your voice, your standards, and your individuality.

  • The Secrets of Resiliency

    10 de Março de 2020 by

    In a period where easiness is preferred, great are the people who among difficulties reinvent themselves and never stop trying. The perfect life only can exist when you experience real pain and real joy.

  • Girl, In Love, Play Real!

    8 de Março de 2020 by

    “Love can be hard to receive when we’re not fundamentally convinced of our own loveability. We spend our time seeking out those who can make us suffer in ways that feel familiar. And it becomes natural to assume that a kind lover has missed something – and perhaps then to try to behave in disgusting ways just to make sure they understand we’re really not who they thought we were, and will therefore leave us in painful but somehow psychologically gratifying ways.”

  • You Are More Than a Womb!

    1 de Março de 2020 by

    “Did you know that for every 4500-5000 female births, 1 baby girl is born with an underdeveloped uterus and vagina? This is a syndrome called Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome or MRKH and is more common than you may think.

    These women have the frightening and difficult experience of accepting their inability to carry their own child, since they don’t have a uterus and may also be feeling uncomfortable forming personal relationships. This may be further exacerbated when there is a very short or even absent vagina and the entire association of ‘womanhood’ may be called into question.”

  • You can!

    25 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    I want to let you know that you can reinvent yourself and change who you perceive yourself to be.
    Look into your eyes in the mirror and ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

  • Why They Leave Us?

    22 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    On the Journey of Love, loving on another means giving the light and teaching that exists uncomfortable truths about us. Teaching it is not one assault or that you are saying goodbye to love, but rather embracing another human being by living up to the true meaning of real love. In the intricacies of romanticism darkness, we rebel against our partners, and we feel betrayed because they want to change us. It is legitimate to change, and legitimate to teach because love is the ultimate aspiration where you reveal your true potential.

  • Instructions Manual for Better love

    19 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    To truly love our partners, we cannot see them as adults but as children. As ironic as this idea may be, when we see the ones we love like children, we will be more generous and compassionate in the interpretation of their behavior.

  • Valentine’s Day on In Love With Her Show

    14 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    Valentine’s day more than just buy flowers, chocolates or have a fancy dinner is a moment where you can think about the ones you love. Today is the day that we all should stop for a while and ask without fear deep questions to identify what needs to change.

    Across 15 minutes, you will understand why some breakups are so painful and hard to understand, but also you will know why and how to deal with it. Love is a journey, an action without unicorns or fairytales.

    I wish you happiness and real love, because you are real.

  • Endless Love

    6 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    Endless love could be a literary novel. But in reality, it’s the story of one Portuguese couple, where husband’s premature death leads his wife to want to fulfill his/their last wish. Have a child.

  • Choose love, but choose wisely!

    4 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    More than often, we reject good people, because they seem “too good” for us and well the explanation for that is quite simple. We are not looking for romantic love, we are looking, somehow, for familiar love.

  • Chose Love not Fear

    2 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    Be smart and part of men and women population who do what few can do, love each other, and be resilient even when “death” is just around the corner.

  • The 7 keys to Have a Happy Relationship

    1 de Fevereiro de 2020 by

    “Many of us aren’t consciously aware of the ways they may be afraid of love. We may see the real problem in the relationship as being the ways it’s changed. We may list all the issues our partner has, the way he no longer looks at us or she no longer treats us. Or, we may notice our own behavior changing, and chalk that up to no longer feeling the same way toward our partner. However, the real question to ask is why did these dynamics shift in the first place? The answer to that often has to do with fear and fantasy.”

  • The Beauty of Intensity

    29 de Janeiro de 2020 by

    Why it’s so important to honor your roots and know your protocol when relating to others? Your roots, your cultural background is part of who you are as an individual. It’s the map that guides you in social interactions. Then what is your protocol? Your protocol is your ability to understand what you want and need to be happy. The protocol is the base that sustains the longevity of your relationship, where clarity and communication is the key to solve misunderstandings and mismatch information.

  • Don’t be less for someone who can’t be More!

    27 de Janeiro de 2020 by

    They dump you because you were too good to be true?

    There are some individuals when they found what they always wanted (mentally). They think there is one agenda behind the good, or you try to use them. But you know what? Never, ever be less! Never be the less of what you are to accept less of what you deserve/want.

  • Are you Confuse?

    24 de Janeiro de 2020 by

    Acknowledge one thing for your entire life: You aren’t too much or too intense for someone who wants the same as you. You will be that for men and women who don’t know who they are or what they want in life.

  • Avoidant and Anxious Partners Dance by The School of Life

    21 de Janeiro de 2020 by

    “Relationships is an area where we too often get stuck, unable to make ourselves understood or find the sort of love we need. This is largely due to a myth that loving another human should be something we all naturally know how to do. Far from it; we believe that love is a skill, not just an emotion – and that it’s a skill we all have to learn and carefully rehearse.”

  • I love You, But I’m Not In Love with You!

    18 de Janeiro de 2020 by

    “When we want to experience real love, we have to have tools in our hands to help us to overcome the hardships of daily life. It’s easy to disconnect from the ones we love and call it quits when there is so much to explore and learn. Falling out of love is a real feeling but also means a new opportunity to discover who we are and our partners are. It is also one opportunity for both parties to see where they failed, and understand that our inner children need to be healed.”

  • Marie Fredriksson

    10 de Dezembro de 2019 by

    “My Papa told me to stay out of trouble:
    “When you’ve found your man, make sure he’s for real!”.
    I’ve learned that nothing really lasts forever
    I sleep with the scars I wear that won’t heal.
    They won’t heal
    Cos everytime I seem to fall in love
    Crash! Boom! Bang!
    I find the heart but then I hit the wall
    Crash! Boom! Bang!
    That’s the call, that’s the game and the pain stays the same.”

  • Bounce Back from Adversity: When Enough is Enough

    4 de Dezembro de 2019 by

    Those who are resilient are able to believe in themselves and their ability to effectively manage life’s challenges. Also, those who are more resilient than others tend to be more proactive and are more inclined to work hard to prevent certain issues and illnesses from occurring. It might be their only key to survival.

  • The Impact of Emotional Anorexia in Relationships

    29 de Novembro de 2019 by

    Emotional anorexia means that you are in a state of emotional starvation. Just as irritability and anger happen when your blood glucose levels go down, when you don’t have enough “psychological sugar”, your emotional “blood levels” also decrease.

  • Sex and Relationships: What is Sexual Fluidity?

    17 de Novembro de 2019 by

    “Men can and have had sex with other men, or have fantasies about it, generally come from a place of sexual abuse and a need to override those dark emotions with positive experiences. Otherwise, it could just be a sexual fantasy that may or may not require therapy, one thing is positive however, a level of honesty with the wife is vital to the health of the relationship.”

  • Why Men Lose Good Women?

    15 de Novembro de 2019 by

    “Good relationships take commitment and work and helping the other partner grow and mature throughout both the good and bad times. The partners within them must keep learning from each other and are willing to acknowledge the mistakes they make along the way.”

  • Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin: The Neurology Behind Breaking Up And Healthy Relationships

    10 de Novembro de 2019 by

    “Tech companies understand what causes dopamine surges in the brain and they lace their products with ‘hijacking techniques’ that lure us in and create ‘compulsion loops’.” Most social media sites create irregularly timed rewards, Brooks wrote, a technique long employed by the makers of slot machines, based on the work of the American psychologist BF Skinner, who found that the strongest way to reinforce a learned behaviour in rats is to reward it on a random schedule. “When a gambler feels favoured by luck, dopamine is released,” says Natasha Schüll, a professor at New York University and author of Addiction By Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas. This is the secret to Facebook’s era-defining success: we compulsively check the site because we never know when the delicious ting of social affirmation may sound.”

  • Men Insecurities: How Emotional Integrity Change How You Feel?

    4 de Novembro de 2019 by

    “When we are acting from our Integrity, what we could call our authentic self, we don’t try. We don’t’ have a need to try. We just take action. We don’t concern ourselves with whether what we are doing is the right thing. We also don’t have a need to justify or defend what we are doing to anybody. This includes ourselves. The action comes from the heart and is with love, that is how we know it is true. There are not many men or women of integrity. Most people second guess themselves. When a person with emotional integrity makes a mistake, or fails in their endeavor, they don’t judge themselves. They know they did their best and the mind does not create an internal conflict with self judgment.”

  • Comparison Trap: The Silent Pain That Tears Your Partner Apart.

    30 de Outubro de 2019 by

    “Remind yourself of the things you love about your partner. Every night, before you go to sleep, think about why you are grateful to have him or her in your life. Research shows that being grateful deepens relationships. An unexpected outcome of those studies is that being grateful also makes us more kind.”

  • What Attachment Style Has To Say About The Way You Have Sex?

    22 de Setembro de 2019 by

    “Sexual satisfaction for both the anxiously attached and the avoidant is constricted; the anxious partner is preoccupied with being loved, and the avoidant partner is determined to stay detached….The most satisfying and orgasmic sex, what I call ‘synchrony sex,‘ occurs when partners are securely attached
    A secure bond is characterized by emotional openness and responsiveness in the bedroom as well as out. That leads to better communication and engaged, focused attention, which in turn leads to greater arousal, pleasure, and satisfaction….Think about it. If you trust that your partner is there for you, then you can relax and let go without fear of embarrassment or rejection. Safety fosters a willingness to experiment, take risks, and be fully immersed in the sexual encounter. Sex becomes more spontaneous, passionate, and joyful.”

  • The Morality of Transsexuality: Who Are You, The Endless Internal Conflict?

    2 de Setembro de 2019 by

    “Formerly known as gender identity disorder in the fourth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM is defined by strong, persistent feelings of identification with another gender and discomfort with one’s own assigned gender and sex; in order to qualify for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, these feelings must cause significant distress or impairment.”

  • Body Worship and The Harmful Effects Of Testosterone Usage

    31 de Agosto de 2019 by

    “Long-term use of supraphysiologic doses of AAS may cause irreversible cardiovascular toxicity, especially atherosclerotic effects and cardiomyopathy. In other organ systems, evidence of persistent toxicity is more modest, and interestingly, there is little evidence for an increased risk of prostate cancer. High concentrations of AAS, comparable to those likely sustained by many AAS abusers, produce apoptotic effects on various cell types, including neuronal cells – raising the specter of possibly irreversible neuropsychiatric toxicity. Finally, AAS abuse appears to be associated with a range of potentially prolonged psychiatric effects, including dependence syndromes, mood syndromes, and progression to other forms of substance abuse. However, the prevalence and severity of these various effects remains poorly understood.” – Gen Kanayama, James I. Hudson, and Harrison G. Pope, Jr.

  • Don’t Let MRHK “MURDER” The Woman You Are

    19 de Agosto de 2019 by

    “Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) is a devastating diagnosis for a young woman to receive, carrying with considerable medical, psychological, social, and reproductive implications. The syndrome is characterized by vaginal agenesis and typically is accompanied by cervical and uterine agenesis. Several variants exist, with 7% to 10% of patients exhibiting either an obstructed uterus or obstructed rudimentary uterine horns with functional endometrium”

  • Betrayal: The Psychological Anxiety Effects, Behind The Scenes

    5 de Agosto de 2019 by

    Betrayal delivers a unique, emotionally violent blow to the body, heart and mind. An unthinkable blow that can only come from someone with whom we share deep bonds. Trauma happens when we can no longer bear reality. It signals to the brain that our life is under threat. The life being threatened when we are betrayed is the life of the soul.” – Sandra Lee Dennis, PhD

  • Why People Cheat? With Esther Perel

    28 de Julho de 2019 by

    In today’s article, I’m sharing a podcast interview between Tony Robins and Esther Perel. I invite you to take a listening with attention because many things as, our attachment styles, influence the way we behave in our relationships. Ask yourself: When was the last time you broke the rules? When was the last time you… Ler mais

  • Women who Farm: How to Date a Wild Rose?

    26 de Julho de 2019 by

    “Love no matter what and commit to absolute truth. Be present for your lover even during the most painful situations. Don’t just be physically present, be fully present– giving your lover your undivided focus.” – Tony Robbins

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