“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option” – Mark Twain

In this article, I will introduce you for what are the 5 languages of love, and in the next articles how they influence the way you interact with your partner. It is important to convey a positive view of knowing our partners and not explore their vulnerabilities, or take power over them.  

As you must realize, we all have one favorite way to communicate with others and how we express our feelings to them. But do you know your love language?

It’s very rare that women and men have the same first emotional love language. 

You may face that your partner doesn’t fully understand you. You may have times where you feel completely disconnected. You may feel neglected or that your message doesn’t reach the other side.

I want to assure you that you can completely turn around the way you live your relationship and how you see your partner more than understand your first emotional love language you’ll get the right tools to understand and connect with your partner through his/her emotional love language.

Having a secure attachment style and being responsive to a partner’s needs leads to the outcome most couples desire long-term happiness, and satisfaction.

Photo by Anne-Claire Brunn

Knowing someone’s love language is like learning their true name, give you the insight into who they are deep down. For better or for worse. 

The first thing to recognize is that passion is what it is, temporary emotional peak, and after that, we will be able or not to develop love. Love another requires real work and real commitment. We are born, not for fall in love, but for being loved by someone as a conscious choice. 

Remember, you chose your partner because you see something valuable and a dignify quality to love. Intentional love.

Intentional love, real love is like a tank full of gold when the tank is full your partner feels safety to explore or express the inner self through the world.

When the tank is empty resentment will take place and poison the connection you share.  

The 5 love languages are:

1. Affirmation Words;

2. Quality of time;

3. Receive Presents; 

4. Ways to serve;

5. Physical touch;

Remember, love is a choice!

see you next article,

Alexandra Santos


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