I have to live my life with passion, and for sure one, my biggest passions are psychology and human behavior. That’s why, with 34 years old, I’m starting a new career and studying again. I can’t even believe I have 34 years old. (Laugh)

I started my professional path as a computer teacher and, now at the moment, I am an agricultural entrepreneur.

Over the years, I have noticed how hard it can be dealing with someone at an intimate level.

For many of us can be scary.

With Ouso Escrever, I would love to share with you professional information about relationships and how to explore our inner selves. We are all artists. We all have the power and concrete focus to change our lives and do something that we will be proud of in the future.

Why do this?

We all need some guidance sometimes. We all need to learn new tools. We all need to improve our skills.

Would love to connect with you.

Yes, you!

No matter who you are, I’m sure you are here for one reason. Let’s do it together.

I hope that you enjoy my articles, and give me your feedback about them.

Feel free to subscribe and let’s be wild and healthy crazy 😉

with love,

Alexandra Santos

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  1. I am taking interest in similar subject lately.
    I took the course by Dr Lauri Santos on Coursera too.. Now she also has a podcast. She is the Yale University proffesor.

    Are you on Social media?

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