Time is currency of relationships. If you want to invest into your relationships start by investing your time – Dave Willis

As we all must know, contemporary society tells people to invest their time in mundane things.

We almost forgot the importance of nurturing our relationships as part of one successful life.

With this said, I launch the following questions:

  • When you got home from work, how much time you spent on your cell phone, computers, and other distractions?
  • Do you turn off your electronic devices and be fully present?
  • Argues because of social media and how much you check your cell phone tends to happen?
  • Did you know “the lack of time” is one of the main reasons for breakups?
  • Did you know the importance of saving 20 minutes of your day to look at your partner and ask everything about his/her?

Women are sensitive when we talk about a lack of time.

I can tell for myself.

As a woman, I know when my partner is fully present or away, even if his body is next to mine.

Being together is the focus of attention. Quality of time is all about being close and being close means being together in the full sense of the word. That’s why recent studies indicate that couples that started their relationship with someone from another country or long distance city value more the meaning of being together. They even tend to have more satisfying relationships because being in a long-distance relationship helps them to give value to details and little things that we don’t look with attention when we live in the same area.

In this love, language matters the emotional attention and investment you give to your partner.

The same happens when you have a quality conversation with your partner.

How often your girlfriend or wife talk about past issues?

Emotionally, we need to have a conversation with quality where our man gives his solidarity to our moment of pain and frustration. For that reason, we will bring old issues every time we are upset because of it still there. We didn’t feel heard.


Men are wired to provide solutions and solve issues as faster as they can.

Women are wired to talk about emotions to relieve tension.

This simple difference can damage your relationship. Why?

Men get angry when they see their partner upset and don’t know what to do. If old issues are brought to the table again, they will feel trapped and unease.

Tips to overcome the situation, for him:

  • Ask her questions;
  • Try to wear her shoes and don’t take it personally when she is upset;
  • Reassure her with your words and for sure with the right actions;
  • Don’t allow the situation to recur.

Tips to overcome the situation, for her:

  • Ask him how he feels;
  • Use the state “I” instead “You”;
  • Allow him to think about the situation;
  • Be vulnerable with him.

It’s all about time and the quality of it. Time, relationships require time.

As long as you can try to share quality activities with your partner, they will cover the memories account and will be useful in moments of tension and deception.

Memories are moments that we built with the other person, and with them, we understand why we cross the bridge together.

Tips to have a quality time together are:

  • Be together and stay together;
  • Quality conversation;
  • Learn how to talk;
  • Understand your type of personality;
  • Share quality activities together

I hope this help you!

see you next article,

Alexandra Santos


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