“Chocolate, I am sure, is the concrete manifestation of love” – Geneen Roth

When was the last time you were the chocolate of your relationship?

When was the last time you melted your partner with your sugar and sweet inner flavor?

When was the last time you dressed that amazing lingerie?

When was the last time you slept with your girlfriend or wife completely naked?

Do you know women love to see a partner’s penis with the morning erection?

Too many questions at the same time, I believe. But I’ll give you a quick answer to the last question.

We love to see our partner’s erect penis in the morning because it’s the best timing to have sex.

During sleep time, better if we sleep naked, the skin contact release and enhance the production of hormones responsible for sexual desire and intimacy. Oxytocin, is responsible for building intimacy and happiness.

So why talk about chocolate? Because chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and you can use it for your benefit. You can even be chocolate.

Sex is all about words. Touch. Surrender.

Sex can be a bath together. Sex is foreplay, but more than that is melt ourselves in our partner’s hands like hot chocolate for strawberries.

Tips to enhance your sexual life:

  • Invest time in foreplay;
  • Discover your partner’s G spot;
  • Try to use appropriate toys for each other;
  • Build real intimacy staying connected to your partner;
  • Try new positions or at least use your fingers;
  • Don’t forget to be the real time partner and be there for him/her as a divine rock;
  • Your partner is your choice, respect it and feed that connection properly;
  • Be proud of your partner and wait for him/her naked to celebrate victories;
  • Cook your meals naked with just an apron;
  • Be your authentic self and be happy, life is too short to waste.

With love and respect,

Alexandra Santos


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