Sexting provides couples a safe environment where they have a chance to go wild. It can work as an anticipation of the sexual act itself.

The more you are comfortable with your sexuality or being vocal about it, the more you feel appealed to tease your partner with good sexting during the day.

With sexting, you can even share with your partner your deepest wild dreams something new to try.

Sex, the need to make love start in our brain with this said when you sent a text message to your partner, it occurs a hormonal in his/her brain. For men, the levels of dopamine and vasopressin rise, for women oxytocin.

It can feel scary to reveal what are your fantasies or too embarrassed for being vulnerable at the point of uncovering your deepest desires in sexual matters.

Going out from your comfort zone is seduction pleasure and how to feed your connection to a deeper level.

On the long road, it will make you feel good and out of the blue craving for more.

In this article, I’m not thinking about casual hookup relationships or situationships. I’m not talking about unwanted sexting.

Share intimate photos or videos of your partner across the internet is a crime, and yes every day we hear those stories but here, the approach is about healthy relationships and, healthy partners.

Since an emotional relationship is allegedly based on personal trust, give your longtime partner erotic pictures and pleasant words to turn him/her on.

Compromise is the key.

Timing is the key.

Use sext as something to spice a little bit your meaningful connection.

  • Your longtime partner is working? Deliver him the image of the lingerie that you will wear in the evening, just for him.
  • Does she dearly love your voice moaning in her eager ears saying dirty words? Record her one audio message with all the things you are planing to do with her when you arrive at home.
  • Promptly tell her you want to genuinely see her naked or ask gently to use her special perfume because it instantly turn you on. 
  • Tell him you purchased something to oral sex, cause him to think about it all day.


a successful relationship requires falling in love multiple times, but always with the same person.

Be proactive, and your partner and your life will thank you.

With love,

Alexandra Santos

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