“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself!”

You might get shocked by the name of this band but as long as the music is an art form and a tool to express who we are, shall we say this Punk band has it all.

We can’t deny the quality of the music itself.

The rhythm, the dirty lyrics or at least provocative lyrics, strident girly voices, fancy artwork posters, bodies with tattoos is the story about, these guys.

Dicklord is the real idea of how our inner natures can behave and project into the world with no attached chains.

Dicklord grabs the bull horns in each performance.

They call you out, call you to stand up against misery and spirit poverty. Did you grab the bull horns in your life too?

Every single they produce has a hidden story.

How do you feel when you hear their song, Knuckle Girls? Or Rando Tampo?

Should I ask, is a “Tampo” disabling you to tell your truth?

Think about it.

DickLord represents how we can stand out from the crowd and be popular because of it. As humans, we tend to like and appreciate what is different. What makes you different makes you beautiful, for sure.

Music is pleasure, music is you.

You can follow them on Spotify or Facebook.

With love,

Alexandra Santos


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