Actions speak louder than words”

If you or your partner’s primary love language is Acts of service, you or him/her might feel adoration by the things someone in an intimate relationship does for you.

Your actions make your partner feel your love, and he/she appreciate those actions as one act of consistency or as an act of help to make their life easier.

Remember yourself that spontaneity is the key, and it doesn’t need to be a grand gesture:

  • Prepare their breakfast and bring it to bed;
  • Take out the trash;
  • Take the kids and leave your partner have a time to relax;
  • Give your partner a kiss;
  • Before left home leave him/her a note somewhere just saying “I Love you!”;
  • Ask your partner what Acts of service means to them;

Like the song says: ” you are the sunshine of my life, that’s why I’ll always stay around. You are the apple of my eye forever you’ll stay in my heart.”

It can be such a great example to provide a love act service to your partner, believing he/she is the apple of your eye by asking for feedback about how much they feel loved by you.

Remember, there is no exact science to make your relationship successful, but with the right competencies and with awareness to learn new skills you can have it all.

With Love,

Alexandra Santos


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