“Love no matter what and commit to absolute truth. Be present for your lover even during the most painful situations. Don’t just be physically present, be fully present–giving your lover your undivided focus.” – Tony Robbins

I believe, as a human being, we all search for a long-lasting healthy relationship, and this is even truer when it comes to farming or other professions with high levels of stress and risk for your mental and physical well being. As a farmer and a woman, I can tell you, you face the uncertainty and the emotional roller coaster as a lesson.

The exercise of discipline, the discipline of nurturing your intimate relationships as you feed your fields with proper fertilization. For your plants grow healthy and produce what you need, you have to provide them, water and fertilization according to the vegetative cycle.

In the sunflower case, with 5 leaves, we apply nitrogen to gain size and start the chapter formation. Boron is useful and should be applied, for example, when the chapter or the leaves aren’t well-formed. From the leaves’ length, you can predict your production.

When it comes to relationships, it happens the same. You need to give time and nurture, give the proper amount of love and attention. Give yourself and give freedom to your lover. Times of scarcity or emotional pain are the biggest challenges we face almost every day in farming matters, so nuclear support and benign love, are essential to support us.

How is to date a Farm Woman:

  • You will understand the real core human needs;
  • You will understand the power of trust and faith;
  • Challenges are her middle name;
  • She is a real survivor;
  • There are two women in one: The business woman and the Diva;
  • Love and commitment are golden rules for a healthy/happy life;
  • She will be by your side, no matter what, because she knows and felt how is feeling of being alone;
  • Loving a farmer is like drink Bourbon. The first drink is harsh and bitter, but with time it will be smooth and warm;
  • There is no false illusions, but she still have the capacity to purely dream;
  • Consistency, even during emotional and professional turmoils times;

Fatigue is very prominent among farmers and is about much more than the simple need for good sleep. It can lead to constant exhaustion and a feeling of emptiness.

Being a farmer isn’t a fairytale either a bed of roses, but as you might understand the contact with this natural reality bring us a sense of responsibility that is very rare in the period we are living. Run a farm is one commitment you assume for yourself and mother earth. If you fail, everything falls.

I drove a tractor with nine years old for the first time. I started to run the farm with twenty-six and has been so many up’s and down’s, that I can tell you it just gave me the strength to keep going, it made me tougher. So, when it comes to love, I just wanted to have by my side a man that could understand my roots and motivations.
Someone, to call my man, my home sweet home, the place where I can rest from life’s battles and start a family.

I have that man, luckily a nurse, that I felt since the first time I saw him, he would be my lifetime partner.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

When you travel the swerving, obstacle road be firm about what you want and get clear about your goals. The more aligned you have your expectations with your partner the more you will celebrate your differences and enrich your life together.

All the relationships we built has a propose. Mine is to be loved and give love. Mix genes with a man who is loyal to his heart, and has his feet on the earth. Be the example of dignity and respect, after all.

What about you? Willing to date a farmer?

With love,


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