“Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” 
― Mae West

Today, we celebrate the international orgasm day, and I think it’s appropriate to say the more we talk about sex, the more it became a taboo. Why? We still have the wrong idea about sex. Most of us think sex is all about inserted a penis inside a vagina.
Sadly, we forget the power of foreplay and the fact that our bodies have more than one g-spot to enhance pleasure.

The liberalization of pornography, the sexual revolution itself, and so many other forms of social movements that occur between the ’60s until the ’80s should have given us the right perspective about human relationships. How to explore our bodies and what is the real meaning of eros. But they didn’t.

Fifty years after the second-wave feminism, why we keep talking about women can’t achieve orgasm? Why do we keep facing sexual problems and dilemmas inside our relationships?
More importantly, why do we demand so much from our male partners when it comes to sex? Shall we have to be goddesses and gods of sex? Porn stars?

Do we know the importance of oral sex? Do we know how to do it properly?

Clitoris has 8 thousand nervous terminals, double of the glans penis, and its the first trigger to provoke intense arousal in women. But, should I ask you, lick the glans penis is the only way to give, intense, pleasure to our men?

Going directly to the subject of my article: what is the P-spot?

As we have a G-spot, our male partners have a P-spot that with the right stimulation can give them multiple and intense orgasms. But, as I said before, many things related to sex are still a taboo in the XXI century. Pleasuring one man stimulating his perineum, or his nipples, are forbidden areas to explore. The P-spot is his perineum area, that area between the anus and scrotum, earned the credit of being an erogenous zone.

To administer a male perineum massage, you have to be sure your partner wants and feels comfortable with that. Some men enjoy the feeling of having their perineum licked and teased with a tongue or fingers, but others might feel shame and associate this technique as a gay thing.
Keep in mind, the importance of open communication lines with your partner, and look at their eyes to notice discomfort or pleasure. Remember, this technique is another way to spice your relationship but also to reinforce the bond you have with him or her. Yes, women love to have stimulation on the perineum too.

Every person’s nervous system is different. Some people may be able to have a perineum orgasm from perineum stimulation alone, others with the association of perineum stimulation and oral sex. The insert of one finger or a sex toy in the anus to reach the prostate gland are allowed too. Everything is fair between four walls and, at least, you will reach your “nirvana climax” like you never had before.

As partners, as women, and as men we forget the importance of erotic moments in our relationships consumed by daily life routines, some studies have shown men are less willing to share their sexiest fantasies with their partners, than women with this said it’s important to refer that sharing secrets fosters intimacy. Talk about sex and want we want in bed leads us to a more satisfying sex life.

Are your sexual fantasies, dirty? No, they are normal and healthy.

In today’s article, I wanted and still, want you to think about what is fair in sexual matters? What would you like to say or ask your partner? I invite you to look for more information about the P-spot, yes, men need our attention too and, don’t think because you like the sensation of having a massage on your perineum, or your ass, you are gay. Men and women should be free to experience whatever they want inside their bedroom. It’s all about trust and love.

With love,


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