In today’s article I would love to share with you a Portuguese Valentine’s day video made a long time ago. It talks about the importance of letting people know how much we love and care about them, before it’s too late.

The following text is the video translation:

Só de mim is a story about someone who had everything, but only knew when it was too late.

You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are… and I just need a minute of your attention.

I want to tell you that I hope you know how lucky you are. How much I would like to be in your shoes. To be able to be in the same bed as her every morning. To help her waking up from the bad mood.

I hope you know she’s only going to talk with you after she brushes her teeth. It’s not on purpose… she’s just afraid of losing her charm in your eyes. Afraid that you’ll consider her a common human being.

I hope you know that she likes to enjoy every sunbeam, and that coffee makes her sick.

That she chooses what she’s going to wear on the night before, just to have five more minutes of sleep in the morning. That the alarm clock rings fifty times until she gets up, and that, even so, she manages to arrive on time.

I also want you to know that she loves fantastic tales, but not Horror stories! That she might know all the names of an old book’s characters, but that she isn’t going to try hard to immediately know all your friends’ names…

Because she… she owns herself.

She’s not the one who is lucky to have you. You are the lucky one, to have her in your life. You know…

She’s not a romantic by nature, but a spontaneous gesture from you will make her weaken.

Because she’s safe and sweet at the same time.

She can’t cook, but she’ll try hard to prepare your favourite dish. And if it doesn’t come out right, she’ll laugh at her failure, instead of blushing.

And when she laughs… it makes me want to cry. Not in sadness, but because each laugh is like a musical note that touches my heart and makes me want to dance.

I hope that you stop doing what you like to do, and that sometimes you have time to hear her talk about her day and every single achievement. That you put up with her artistic daydreams and the time she wastes colouring children’s books when she wants some time for herself.

I want you to know that I would love to be on that side, putting up with her bad mood and seeing it change after the first glass of wine. I wanted to be able to admire her nails that most of the times have peeling nail polish than perfect nail polish… but that every imperfect red shape has a story that she built with her own hands.

I wish I had fallen in love with her on the first day I saw her, and not on the second one. Because each day with her is to be sure that you are loved. Because she’s seduction and joy altogether. Because she gets what she wants with the power of her smile and the strength of her look. I’d be a fool if I didn’t know she has brown eyes and that she loves the colour green. I want you to know that she’s all I want and never knew I had.

Learn that the arrhythmia you feel with her is normal! And that the lack of it is like an emptiness worse than death.

I hope you’ll be everything I never was.

I hope you treat her right.

Because if you break her heart you’ll lose her forever.

I wish I could have read the future…

Text: Ana Luisa Bairos, Joana Pacheco
Actor: Diogo Lopes

And you? Will you read the future or live the present and built a future with who you love?

With love,

p.s: A big Thanks and Welcome to my new readers and followers.


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