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“Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) is a devastating diagnosis for a young woman to receive, carrying with considerable medical, psychological, social, and reproductive implications. The syndrome is characterized by vaginal agenesis and typically is accompanied by cervical and uterine agenesis. Several variants exist, with 7% to 10% of patients exhibiting either an obstructed uterus or obstructed rudimentary uterine horns with functional endometrium”

For today’s article, I want to ask do you know what is MRKH, or in other words, Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome? I believe many of you never heard this name or even know about this condition that affects 1 in 5000 women.
A few weeks ago I saw in Portuguese television one interview with two women who suffered from this syndrome. Did I like what I saw? No! The reason why you may wonder. The reason is simple because I don’t understand why television uses these circumstances to victimize people and even play a big drama around.

Media or social communication plays an important role when the subject is to educate society but fails roundly in this aspect by using serious and sensitive themes that involve health issues to gain audiences.

Unfortunately, the Rokitansky syndrome seen as something terrible can lead some women to suicide. Twenty years ago or more, the medical community didn’t have the information and the sensibility necessary to deal with this condition.
With no filters or conscience, some doctors would say to these women they would never become a mother or have a successful romantic life. You may see the impact this information would have on the self-esteem and dreams of these women.
In our days, and we are in the twenty-one century, we can see some progression, but these women still have a lack of support or voice.

To explain Rokitansky syndrome, it has two types. The type one only affects the reproductive system, vagina channel length, an undeveloped uterus, but still, have functional ovaries.
Type two is considered the most severe, patients experience abnormalities in other parts of the body like the kidneys may be abnormally formed or positioned, hearing loss or heart disease.

The lack of information and support over the years led many teenagers to depression, suicide, and even the feeling of unworthy to love and have a healthy life. With this being said the real issue his how society deal and cope with “abnormal” diseases because of despite the fact of existent literature, you can’t find much information about how to become a mother if you have Rokitansky syndrome. And yes, this is a real problem.

Despite your syndrome, you can be a mother and have relationships. Fortunately, science offers us many options to have a biological baby, like IFV treatments, and let me tell you stupid is the man who doesn’t want to be with you because you had a problem that was out of your hands to control.

I’m sorry, Rokitansky doesn’t define you as a woman. You are so much more than a name or a health issue.

What people don’t realize and should, is these kinds of diseases, which are treatable, give a psychological and resilience background to these women that only a few have or even will understand. We become human beings when we face majors problems and situations to test our limits.

Don’t accept being treated like a poor thing.

Treat yourself with respect and see all this situation as something that gives you power, the power to live your life with no chains or objections.

UQ Institute for Molecular Bioscience researchers, The University of Queensland, Australia, are working to identify the genetic links associated with developing MRKH.

Like I said in prior articles, we should educate our society.

Where is the point in Tv Show ask intimate questions? Does it help anyone? If people understood how the human brain works, they would see that what you focus, increase. For this reason, television can be dangerous and give the wrong information.

To help yourself and help people in this situation seek professional advice and be sure you have emotional support and stable foundations at home. Remember, you are beautiful and a warrior.

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14 comentários

    1. Welcome to my place, Alexandra 🙂

      Yes, it’s a terrible situation, but the best option to deal with it is facing the facts and find solutions. I don’t understand the propose of going to tv shows and explore this subject as something pejorative, or somehow monster scary whatever…
      Rokitansky has treatment, besides all the psychological turmoil, you can have successful relationships live happily, and be a mother.

      Who said to become a real mother, you have to carry your baby? It’s all about options and your stronger desire to succeed.

      That’s why I said, don’t allow anyone to treat you as a poor thing.

      Big Kiss, Alexandra

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      1. Y un besito para tí. You are like my reasonable side, and I will tell your emotions. How weird! To find someone that you already know and like by accident.

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  1. Beautifully informative. There are real psychological problems associated with any medical condition. Television PROGRAMMING, does just that. It attempts to program belief patterns to support its bottom line, that of its end of the day profit. Not that I am against profit, as I am a psychotherapist by trade and business person by profession.
    But television is a different entity to deal with than the physical or social sciences. It utilizes statistics and pseudo scientific aims to promote its agenda versus straight fact. I found this article to be very informative and I look forward to reading more.

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    1. Dr. Thomas Maples.

      I would like to say thank you for your visit and for following my website.

      I believe, as citizens and humans beings, we have the power to produce substantial changes in our world using our awareness for different realities. My personal opinion is, medical conditions such as Rokitansky, shouldn’t be treated in television shows. I remember, the host asked the two women on the interview how is the feeling of born without a vagina.

      Now, I may ask: what people will think?

      Born without vagina? – They wonder

      If they were born without vagina, what they had instead? – They may ask and create all kinds of possibilities.

      That’s why many women with this condition don’t have medical assistance and don’t talk about it openly. Like I wrote in the article, you have lots of information about Rokinstanky, but about the possibilities for these women to become a mother, you have almost nothing.

      And the truth is, they can have biological children. It will be a journey, but they will have children if they want.

      You are always welcome to my place.

      The next article? Well, it will be a surprise 😉

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      1. It is sad when medical terminology becomes misconstrued by the press. You are right, this kind of public exposition oftentimes does more harm than the good it can produce. Awareness within itself can be a good cause, but this intent should never take priority over one’s personal right for privacy and expert medical advise.

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