Our souls crave intimacy – Erwin McManus 

We all try to find the true definition of intimacy, but can it be found between words? Intimacy happens at the psychological level, the sense of belonging, the feeling of being alive, content and ecstatic.

And this leads me to this point we can’t ignore the importance of physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy is the prerequisite to nurture the relationship and make it bloom.

We feel close to our partner when we share desires, feelings, dreams, aspirations, and secrets. By the process, we become vulnerable.

So be thankful to God if your partner can express their feelings with you.

Physical intimacy is a potent and common way to show love, but I’m not talking about sex or making out. With physical intimacy, you let your loved one know that they have a special place in your heart. Romantic massage, back rub, holding hands, cozy hugs are also physical intimacy.

Did you ever hear about intellectual intimacy? Intellectual intimacy allows partners to share their thoughts, ideas freely, no matter if opinions differ. There is no fear of consequences. Views can be express and argue freely. There is no reason to fear of being judged by your partner communication is easy.

Self emotional regulated partners tend to be more in contact with their emotions and less prone to create drama in vain. They are in tune with their intuition.

For centuries, women were called witches and burned at the stake for possessing these so-called supernatural powers. It couldn’t be natural to be able to predict what others would do, spot liars, and uncover the truth.

The ability to decode nonverbal cues is ultimately valuable and essential for effective communication. Intuition is a gift, so if your woman seems to be persistent about something, ask her what’s going on. Listen with attention, because be in tune is part of intimacy.

In the book, Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps, one experiment was created to prove women’s ability to read body language and other signs.

Women were asked to watch a video of crying babies but with no sound, only visual cues. Most of the women could detect a wide range of emotions when only 10 percent of men could identify more than two emotions.

If you don’t trust someone, go with that feeling. You can save your relationship, your company, and your life from disaster.

More than ever, women need to know that their ability to pick up low-level cues is historically developed.

Men need to understand when their partner needs to talk about something, that isn’t right, they should be less defensive and more open to the feedback. How many times you think your partner is feeling jealous or is somehow over-reactive/dramatic, only to find out later she was right?

Intimacy is the ability to hear and feel your partner.

With love,


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  1. Great post! “For centuries, women were called witches and burned at the stake for possessing these so-called supernatural powers.” I talk about this in my book ‘This Is Your Quest’ (check it out!), where I relate the story of how the Beguines women who were natural healers and oracles were declared witches by the Church and burned at the stake.

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    1. Joanne,

      Thank you for your commentary.

      Unfortunately, people who do have intuition well developed can’t explain to others what they see and feel because most of the time, people won’t believe or understand.

      At least, one of the things I learned was to use my intuition to guide me and make good decisions for my life. Like my grandfather would say: “Some people are meant to be in our journey, others will be just memories.”


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