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In this Sunday article I invite you all to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you know that Dopamine, Oxytocin and Serotonin are responsible for the maintenance of your intimate relationships?

2. Did you ever found yourself sad because you had a date with someone new and that person disappeared without saying anything?

3. If you are in a long-term relationship, do you do new things with your partner, like one unsurprised date night together? One adventure between nature at the weekend? Start a new hobby alone or together?

4. If you are a parent, do your children use cell phones and other devices during family times, like dinner?

5. Did you know one of the reasons why some couples have weak emotional bonds with each other and with their child, is because of new technology?

6. How many times do you go to one restaurant, and you find out around you adult people and children using electronic devices while having their meals?

7. Do you notice that sometimes your partner is checking their cell phone while you talk and they don’t pay attention to you? How do you feel? How do you react?

8. Do you find yourself, sometimes, competing for attention from your partner with a cell phone, social media, and instant text messages?

9. One last question, do you know when you expose your children through social media and mobile devices you are killing their creativity and their social skills? More worst you, are feeding their dopamine production constantly, and that can cause damage in the future?

Now, watch the videos bellow

During the week, I will explain why I wrote this article with just nine questions and three videos. I will also explain why hormones play a huge role in our relationships and why we should avoid exposing our children to a cell phone or other electronic devices.

As human beings, as men and women, we should, and we have the power to educate or reeducate this world. It’s in our hands to allow our kids to be kids and not using them as a source of appreciation or acceptance from others in virtual settings.

When we expose ourselves and our children to electronic stimulation we remove from ourselves the power of being loved and give love. Why? Because our brain is too busy processing the constant information and has no time our space to enjoy other things.

When we expose ourselves and our children to electronic stimulation, we remove from ourselves the power of being loved and give love.

Think about that!

With Love


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