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In today’s article, I would like to share with you why men lose good women without even realizing it. Without being feminist, because men are beautiful human beings, the truth is most of them lose good women because they take them for granted, and the other reasons you have to read my article till the end.

Most of you that started to read me from the beginning know that I emphasize the need and responsibility to work on our relationships and even on ourselves. A healthy relationship is like tango dance, you only receive standing applause, if you work as a team, to have a good performance. Life is the stage of this performance.

The question is, why men lose good women?

The truth is, when one man loses his woman, it’s because she had lost respect for him. And here I show you the causes:

  1. He is bossy around her, but submissive around other women/men
  2. Suspicious and Protective
  3. Don’t treat her as a priority
  4. Hiding his true potential as a man
  5. Taking her love, respect and attraction for granted
  6. Empower others but often belittle her
  7. Often makes excuses when don’t contact her regularly
  8. Compare her with other people
  9. He don’t share with her important events of his life

Why good women lose respect for their men? The nine causes above make the reasons quite obvious, but the truth is, healthy women want to be cherished by their partners, they want to see passion and admiration in their eyes.

Nothing turns off more women’s desire than see their man being bossy around her, and when it comes to other people, he accepts everything they do or say. The message this man is giving to his woman is he is weak and easily manipulated by others, or at least the rules only are applied to her with whom he is intimate. The same happens when he empowers others over her, a typical situation in the middle of one argument where the subject is another woman.

One good woman loses respect for her partner and leaves because she is looking for one trait, the most important element to make her stay, called: relational self-awareness. Find or chose someone for a long term love relationship is all about having someone by your side when things hit the fan. When you are in those moments as a woman, you need a man who will sit with you shoulder-shoulder, looking together with you at the problems you face.

Help you overcome obstacles giving you emotional support, and not showing you bullshit when deep down inside his heart, he knows is wrong. When one man prioritizes others when he doesn’t share with you details of his life when he compares you with other people, he kills your passion and your desire for him.

To conclude my article,

All of us possess a love map, knowing the love map of your partner you can be intimate with her, true intimacy happens when you allow yourself to discover and understand your partner without the dubious lens of your thoughts.

If you know your woman needs your support and she even asks for it, why you keep finding excuses to pull away from her? If you help people, sometimes you barely know why you neglect her? Do you remember she even shared her body with you?

Do you have fears that she will leave you? Well, do you know acting like you don’t care you will lose her because you are feeding your brain self-prophecy?

Women need men with confidence.

Women want men to burn them with desire and proud.

One woman, a real woman, wants to be with one man who sees her and loves her for who she is.

Your woman wants to be a priority in your life.

Your woman is independent, but she still needs to know that you long for her, and you miss her.

Keep this in mind.

With love,


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12 comentários

    1. April,

      More than 90% of our behavior comes from the unconscious mind, and this means we are a final production of our early experiences and experiences through life. Everything we live, good or not, is registered in our brain the difference is some people are aware of it and work it out, others not. For that reason, many relationships fail because what triggers people’s minds isn’t the present partner but unresolved experiences from the past.

      Have a good weekend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right here. There is a real social pressure placed on masculinity in particular.

        There is something beautiful in the natural tension that exists between the masculine and feminine. The Flamenco 💃🏻 is a Beautiful example of the art that arises she men can be men, and women can be women. It brings beauty and love to this great mystery called life. Thank you for this great reminder!



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