Relationships is an area where we too often get stuck, unable to make ourselves understood or find the sort of love we need. This is largely due to a myth that loving another human should be something we all naturally know how to do. Far from it; we believe that love is a skill, not just an emotion – and that it’s a skill we all have to learn and carefully rehearse.

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    1. I want you to relax!

      You can be the most secure person in the world, but if you end up dating someone avoidant or anxious, your attachment style will change. For sure you can handle things, but there will be one moment where you need to give up, and you are tired.
      One avoidant partner will have a hard time to trust you completely. They will always try to find something wrong on you to pull away and leave you. However, one anxious partner will want you close, and he or she is perceived as someone needy and clingy.

      Read the book Attached, April!

      Have a wonderful weekend! 😉

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