In today’s article, I will talk about my nationality, my personality, and most importantly, why it’s so important to honor our roots. Our protocol while relating to others.

Being Portuguese, means you carry behind you more than 900 years of history and a great mixture of genes. Being Portuguese means you love food, but more than that, you love to cook for people you love. Your heart is full when your dinner table has a full decoration of food, laughs, and conversations between your loved ones. The family assumes one important role in your life since the early days, where grandparents are the ones who will tell you all the stories about your family, the ones that were born before you.

About me? What means for me being a Portuguese woman? Better than that, who is Alexandra?

For me being one Portuguese woman is equal to be a legend. I carry inside me all the battles for independence and all the sense of justice to be free and express who I am as an individual.

Alexandra is a very tall woman, huge brown eyes and fleshy lips with a rich inner world where sensuality, imaginary, and intellectual excitability plays a big role.

Alexandra has emotional depth, complexity, and velocity. She loves and she needs soulful and meaningful connections. I love to love the pleasures of art, music, and language because all this provides me intense reactions.

Touch, taste, and smell…

She is highly acute and perceptive, with the ability to read several layers of reality, assessing people and situations rapidly. She senses incongruency and hypocrisies like no one, and when something is about to happen, she knows.

Alexandra is the wonder woman with the touch of one diva from Hollywood classic movies. Unattainable? No, but over the years she was perceived and called “too much”, “too intense”, and “too emotional”. That was and still be a compliment to her.

Did you ever hear about Overexcitability and the gifted? It isn’t a label, but it does help you to understand your inner abilities and even help your loved ones to understand who you are. We heard this for the first time when I was in first grade, and my teacher had a long conversation with my parents explaining that it was almost one impossible mission to keep my attention to the class. The solution found was to give me time to draw or write whatever I wanted or needed, and in this way, I would find school interesting.

I will write about the overexcitability in another article.

I always felt older than others around me.

I am a book in writing, a beautiful story that someday somebody will read and love like a treasure, the character who loves the old rules of dating.

People fear what is unfamiliar, and for many, I was the unfamiliar soul that was able to change their lives for good.

Why it’s so important to honor your roots and know your protocol when relating to others? Your roots, your cultural background is part of who you are as an individual. It’s the map that guides you in social interactions. Then what is your protocol? Your protocol is your ability to understand what you want and need to be happy. The protocol is the base that sustains the longevity of your relationship, where clarity and communication is the key to solve misunderstandings and mismatch information.

For example, in our days, everybody is hurting or being hurt.
Some are suspicious of your intentions they even over-analyze every detail of your actions and see you as a real threat.
A clear example of this situation is when you give one gift, and the receiver looks at it and thinks about how much you spent not the real intention behind, which is you love them.

Your protocol is I’m giving this to you because I love you, but their protocol communicates that they have to reciprocate at the same level. This handle without clarity and the right communication can lead to resentment and blow up one relationship where people love each other. They can interpret your gesture and define you as someone who wants to please, buy their affection, and obtain something in return.

Please, don’t beat yourself up. Refocus and reframe always communicating what you want and how you feel. The biggest rule of being in one relationship is allowing yourself to receive. So please, don’t diminish the qualities of your gestures just because someone wasn’t ready or able to receive.

To close this personal article,

“When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

With love,


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21 comentários

    1. I’m proud of my existence and my past, you can be sure about that. The content I write reflects my personality, and I believe, when you are authentic, you can reach people’s hearts. For some reason, my website is “ouso escrever” or in English “Dare to write”.

      The photo is from April 2018, close to two years ago, and so much has happened since then.

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  1. What a beautiful foundation. From a secure love with our Self, emerges a secure love with others.

    Strength, confidence, clarity, and Mercy is present here. It reminded me of Wayne Dyers saying, “love is forgiving… one word and two.” Forgiving, and For Giving. What a beautifully simple trait for this most complex of human emotions.

    Dare to write fried. We are all in a process of giving to create a love felt journey.

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    1. I think this is the first commentary I received that made me cry. Thank you for being there for me during this period, Tom.
      It was hard to unblock my capacity to write, but I am on my way again.

      Life is a short journey that we should spend only with the ones who are sure about us.

      I am wonderful and enough 🙂

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  2. interesting to read.. I like the fact that you are proud of your roots.. being called ‘too much’ yes, i know what is like… anyway…i found that people either appreciate emotional complexity and they want more of you and cant get enough of you, they want to understand you… or they dont understand it and they label you with all kinds of label…

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