Gone are the days when I saw your face for the very last time. Now the pain and heartbreak are gone I can write this letter to you that, I believe, you will never read.

The day when you said to me “This isn’t working for me! I love you, but I’m not in love with you!”. I felt cold, the cold that went up to my spine, and lacerated my amazing capacity to talk.

But I remember how relieved I felt inside my heart because I was free, free to find someone ready for me, and 100% sure of his feelings. Someone to have a life with and raise a family, because I want to be a mother and have a man by my side ready for this journey, and embark on this journey with me no matter how harder it will be.
I cried, but I didn’t beg, I respected your decision and left you because you wanted to live your life without me.

Thank you! Thank you for waking up the dream that I have inside me. Thank you for all the things you taught and the news doors I have now in my life.

I hope that you understand that I want to begin a new life from zero, holding my hand with someone secure. With someone who doesn’t need other’s people’s opinions to understand his feelings because the woman I am is enough to make him sure, even if he is sure already.

I’m sorry about your fears and anxiety. I’m sorry if you were hurt before, but I never meant to be your mother to fix you, just your woman, your lover. I want passion, I want to feel wanted. I want to hear I am amazing, not I am too intense, or too emotional. I want to hear and feel inside my veins that my gestures and inputs are bridges for a long-lasting relationship.

I love so much who I am. I am so grateful for everything I am, and I will be.

My intellectual and sexual desire for you was born and grew based on your personality traits and never in what you could provide me. I loved the man you are, the bravery, and the gestures you had to me.

Between us, women should value more their ex-partners because we learn so much with all of you. The traps and mistakes we shouldn’t repeat, sides of our personality that were hide and the big gestures that we can do, gestures that come from a loving place, our hearts.

I want you to be happy. Your happiness means the world to me and one of the things I learned from us is, around the world, there is someone for us, and that person maybe doesn’t share the same hobbies, the same interests, but share the depth and the necessary values to built together one home sweet home. We had that, I believe I am exactly what you always wanted, but you weren’t ready to receive me. I was ready to cherish and honor you, be by your side, live with you. Love you. I truly loved you.

Wish you well,


Note: To love someone your heart, and your mind must match. When one relationship is over, don’t talk badly about your ex-partner. Give yourself time to heal, focus on your personal growth, and enhance your skills as a partner to your future relationship. If after a period apart and with the necessary clarity you want your ex-partner, don’t try to rekindle the old relationship, create a new where you and he or she can grow together as individuals and built a different future.

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    1. I believe our partners come into our lives for many reasons, to grow, heal, and so on goes the list. Many times the right partners meet at the wrong time, and the relationship at that point falls apart.
      Talk badly about someone with whom we were intimate emotionally and sexually is childish, reveals emotional immaturity.
      If we loved them, why not save that feeling and good memories? Relationships aren’t easy, and they shouldn’t be because it means two different people are trying to create a third identity, their intimate relationship.

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    1. Sigh… The phoenix… are you reading my mind, already?
      You know Robert in relationships if we start holding back sooner or later the connection will die. It’s easy to fall out of love, but as I wrote somewhere limerence isn’t loved, love is action and one choice.


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