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Before giving up one relationship, reflect on the defenses that limit your capacity to love. What makes you hold back affection and avoid intimacy? Before thinking about you’ve fallen out of love, check your actions and loving feelings.

Be smart and part of men and women population who do what few can do, love each other, and are resilient even when “death” is just around the corner.

Have a wonderful week,


“Amanhã será bem melhor
pulsa o peito num só tremor
Uso e cruzo algum desnorte
Provo a sorte, tento, invento
O amor…”

Junte-se à conversa

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      1. I quote the following example, when we accidentally put diesel in a gasoline car we have to clean the tank, injectors, and filter. The same happens with emotions. When negative emotions arise if we can talk about them without judgment, and receive one hug. What was negative before becomes positive strengthening the ties between the sender and the receiver.

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