Today, I want to share this video which represents, the total nightmare that many of us experience when trying to find a good partner. More than often, we reject good people, because they seem “too good” for us and the explanation for that is quite simple. We are not looking for romantic love, we are looking, somehow, for familiar love.

Next time you find someone good, think twice before you kick them out from your life.



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  1. “Next time you find someone good, think twice before you kick them out from your life.” YES!!!!!!

    i feel we often disregard people for they may have a “blemish” which makes them unsuitable to us. but i also feel we all have “deal breakers” which we can not disregard when looking for someone. we could, in a way, be throwing away people who could be “nice for us” if we can only deal with the blemish.

    i find it hard to accept those i feel have what i consider “deal breakers.” i have tried. maybe we both lose. but in the end, one has to have some standards.

    a very nice write!

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    1. Dear Buddy,

      The concept of the video is quite simple to understand, we reject people who are really good for us because they don’t perform the dynamical familiar behavior.

      Do you know the sentence, “dumped for being too perfect?”

      Why are they too perfect?

      They are too perfect because there is a gap between stability and roller coaster. Too good people are stable. They know what they want and don’t play games.

      It’s strange, I know. But it is what it is.

      The more we know what we want, and who we are, the more we will be able to navigate through all this turbulence and find someone good for us.


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