Endless love could be a literary novel. But in reality, it’s the story of one Portuguese couple, where husband’s premature death leads his wife to want to fulfill his/their last wish. Have a child.

Before Hugo dies, he left one official document where he recognizes his wife, Angela, with all the powers to use his cryopreserved sperm to have their child.

Hugo died with cancer last year one day after his marriage with Angela. Right now, she is fighting against the Portuguese law and medical ethics to realize their dream, and as usual in Portugal, many are the voices against this situation. She may need to go to Spain. The hospital may destroy Hugo’s sperm, and everything is uncertain at the moment.

My question is: Who are we to judge or to decide what is wrong or correct in people’s lives?

Angela’s case isn’t unusual at all. There are situations where men or women can’t have babies naturally (illness, loss of uterus), and they have to go to other countries to have babies through surrogacy.
In Angela’s case, she had lost the love of her life, but she can still have the baby, their baby.

It’s ethical to deny to this woman the right of maternity when her husband stated it was his will?

This story leads us to identify three things:

  1. Love exists within us, and our partners are just the catalyst to express it from inside us to outside.
  2. No one has the right to blame or judge one woman who has free will to decide her life and be a mother, even if her husband is dead.
  3. Love is real. Love is action. Love moves mountains.  

We should look at our lives with more attention, and feel deep inside if what we feel is real love or just fantasy.


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    1. There are people out there who love their partners for the rest of their lives, even if they passed away or had a breakup. Why? Because they feel that love within them and not outside. You see people, women, and men, who give love and affection without expecting nothing in return because they have nothing to lose, and nothing to fear.

      I had this momentum many years ago, I realized that after one relationship is over, we have to collect all the pieces, and put it all together again. You can only fully love someone when you left no pieces behind.

      This is love.

      Have a wonderful weekend, Robert!

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