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I want to share with you something quite simple, and one exercise that resilient people practice every day in their lives.

If you have experienced loss, betrayal, infertility, abortion, heartbroken, divorce, natural disaster, or other forms of life-changing experiences, let me congratulate you are resilient.

In a period where easiness is preferred, great are the people who among difficulties reinvent themselves and never stop trying. The perfect life only can exist when you experience real pain and real joy.

Here are the secrets beneath resilient people:

  • The deep understanding that shit happens, because suffering is part of life
  • They know the difference between what can help or harm their well being. 
  • Pragmatic at choosing where they should focus their attention, vital skill for resilience
  • Benefit finding, the capacity to be grateful for even in the most awful moments in life.

Resilient people don’t spoil their lives in social media. Instead, they use their vulnerabilities to teach others not to be pitty about themselves.

Resilient’s are real, full of scars, full of shit to deal with, but they will always look at life and say, thank you!

With love,


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