Honesty is the best policy when it comes to building a relationship. Despite the fact, that we are living a time period where it is so easy to discard someone like it was a piece of cloth, where the “let’s see where it goes” is the rule, where everybody (especially women) is so afraid to speak their truth. The moment is here, the moment to change and give a new direction to teach our future generations how to love and what means romance.

In the dating pool, everyone is confused and terrified. Everyone thinks because you are real, you are too good to be true. I have heard this so many times. The truth is, the more clear you are, the more you know what you want, the faster you will achieve your goal.

Don’t be afraid to say what are your real intentions and that you love someone. There is nothing much more powerful than sharing your feelings and honor your love. Life is too short to think afterward what if I…

I hope you enjoy this video. Susan is one wonderful woman, and very positive. With her, there are no tricks, no games, just the truth of being real.

With love,


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    1. As a woman, I never had afraid to speak my truth and to say “I love you!”. I believe for many people out there, the word commitment, relationship, and being with someone can be daunting, because of fear.

      Fear is the principal obstacle for a relationship to develop. Some people will want to see if you are that good, but then they will back paddle.

      It takes courage, maturity, and also sensuality to embrace with disposition someone’s real.

      White cloth is part of the process 😉



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