When we talk about intimate relationships, more than approach love and romance, we are accessing one complex reality where the final formula might not be the expected.
Many of us, men and women, human beings, we desperately need to connect with others because it is our nature. But something quite odd happens when love comes to the equation, FEAR!

We want to be seen we want to love, but it has to be with all the guarantees that hurt wouldn’t come to our lives. How disrespectful and childish is this entire concept for love, whereas we live inside our selfishness bubble?

Breakups happen every day without warning leaving you feeling like a clown, and here the show begins. The show where you lose hope in others, but most importantly in yourself because your mind keeps playing the same old movie making you believe it was your fault.
But was it your fault? Or the end of the relationship occurs during the fact your partner wasn’t able to receive your love?

Fear plays a big role in dating and relationships. Never, in history, have been there so many articles and videos about human relations but still so little understanding of behavioral psychology.

Although some relationships will fail naturally, others fail because people have this idea that good partners are pushovers or too good to be true. This fallacy leads many men and women to have mayonnaise relationships or love in mayonnaise because of fear of being hurt, and someone will take advantage of them.

Now, because I don’t want the article to be too long, talking about breakups if, after a good amount of time you want to reconcile with your ex-lover, these are the questions to ask:

  • Did I had the time and psychological space to heal myself and retract my vital energy?
  • Am I different and better? Are they different and better?
  • Can I trust him or her again and understand that I won’t be able to love them like the child with no boundaries as I did in the first round?
  • Is this the person I truly want in my life? 

Love is a self-possession where you have the power to say I love you and the freedom to walk away if they don’t mirror your feelings. Love somebody is also a responsibility that for many individuals is too heavy to correspond, but at least never edit your emotions or your truth. Let them know how you feel because life is too short.

Take a look at the following videos:

Wishing you love,


p.s: Thank you, Robert, for this topic.

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