Today, I want to leave a question that can guide you through this new dating world. Do you respect your animal nature in intimate relationships?
Not talking about violence or another kind of disrespectful behavior, I am talking about the respect we all should have for our inner nature.

Dating is a terrifying task for many men and women because there is an inherent lack of awareness of self inner nature and feelings. Love is a self-possession gem that you offer to other people without expecting if they will mirror your desires.

In life and love, you are a natural animal who wants to belong and attach to other people. But in the middle of all this freedom around sex, bad behavior, and detachment. We lost rules and the protocol and ability to speak up our truth and needs. Everyone is scared of being hurt, but let me clarify here one thing: love has no guarantees, and love only grow and flourish when you have no armor or guarded up.

So the question is: Do you respect your animal nature in intimate relationships? Or in other words, do you respect your self-possessed love?

I wish you one wonderful week.


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  1. Perhaps it’s the way that I view relationships, vis a vis through a cinematic prism, that I have difficulty proceeding with analysis. I wish love to be spontaneous, to defy reason, and to succeed against all odds. I know that this must sound crazy, but that’s how I see it.

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    1. Robert,

      I would like to suggest one book for you to read: “Attached”

      I think you will like it and understand a lot.

      But let me tell you, if you are one man highly sensitive, you crave relationships with deepness and intensity.

      Think about it, and we can talk if you want.

      Have a lovely day!

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      1. I appreciate you, Alexandra. ❤ That's really the issue, though. I don't want to read about it, I don't want to analyze it, I don't want to develop strategies about it. I want it to happen organically and spiritually. Otherwise, I feel as though that I should wear a labcoat instead of carrying roses.

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  2. “Otherwise, I feel as though that I should wear a lab coat instead of carrying roses.”

    As you can see, I understand you perfectly, because I know how it feels to be intense, crave deep intimacy in one world where everyone is afraid of love.
    Highly sensitive people, but most important Empath people, should protect themselves. I am one empath, and I learned through my journey how to protect myself and select the right people to be with me. Sometimes, I still fail with the selection process, but I am on my way.

    When I had 3 or 4 years old, I used to faint in supermarkets and shopping centers because it was too much for me all this energy around. Now it is my power, and I glad I have this gift.

    The Dating monster can beat and bite us, but we should never lose our faith because this world needs real people.

    One video for you.

    I want you well. ❤

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