The following article is on the website It is more than time to see the diversity in the human kingdom and accept it naturally as it is.

“The word “pansexual” itself was derived from the Greek prefix pan-, which means all. And of course, “sexual.”

Pansexuality is currently in use as a broad term describing the sexual orientation of individuals who are attracted to people regardless of gender or sex. An individual who is pansexual might potentially be attracted to anyone but is not necessarily attracted to everyone. Assuming a pansexual person is promiscuous can be harmful, as it distorts the definition and understanding of the term and may forestall acceptance of those individuals who identify as pansexual.

Pansexuality refers to one’s sexual orientation, not one’s gender identity: A person who identifies as pansexual may be gender neutral or genderqueer, male, or female and might have a relationship with an individual who identifies as any of the above. Identifying as pansexual does not delineate a person’s gender identity. However, there is some association between pansexuality and non-binary identities, as the term came into wide use as a result of increased awareness of identities outside the male-female binary.

The term pansexual was originally used by Sigmund Freud to define sexuality as the basic drive for all human interaction. The current usage of the term began to gain popularity in the late 1990s in an effort to be more inclusive of individuals who did not align with a gender binary, as a misconception that the term bisexual solely indicates an attraction to only two genders did (and still does) exist.”

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  1. Gender, however, is binary. Reproduction is our biological imperative, which requires being binary. However, if you look at this as a social construct, then one can identify with whatever they want. At the end of the day, we’re male and female.

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    1. Robert,

      The article is all about one of the forms of sexual attraction, even though they talk about non-binary identities. Which I don’t agree at all.
      Like you said at the end of the day we all are Men and Women, even if some of these men and women had to have surgical procedures.

      But that my dear will be for another article.

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      1. People are going in circles while trying to make one imaginary sexual revolution around old, and normal topics. Psychology and Science must clarify and teach people for bio-diversity in human life.

        Every day I see children in school suffering because they feel they are different. But why? Lack of education for these and other questions around sexuality and not only, but everything in general.

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      2. I think that it’s important to council the children who feel different than the majority that they exist in, to let them know and work through feelings. But, I also am apt to disagree with people whose own personal ‘wokeness’ really hurts the child. I remember my pre-teens and not having a clue about sexuality. Kids were kids, not sexual objects. Today, sexuality is imposed on the children by those with a social and political agenda. Just let them be kids.


      3. I don’t agree sexuality is imposed, since the moment it is part of human nature. Also, I don’t agree with categorizing people into labels, but things should be explained with the right terms and appropriate language.

        Children will always be children. And healthy children are raised not because they have the last Ipad version, but because they have education and education is also in the sexual component.


      4. Therein lies the rub. The education in some quarters can be interpreted as indoctrination. Political agendas intersperse with education. There’s a woman in Texas who is trying to get her 8 year old boy to undergo gender re-assignment surgery. For that little boy, he’s not allowed to live and dream as a child, only to live through his mothers twisted idealogy.

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      5. Sigh…

        First of all, surgeries or hormone treatment are allowed only in older adolescents and not in young children. And here, we are talking about gender identity, which is related to the brain, not a choice, political, or other external factors.

        Secondly, before surgeries and other treatments, they have to be followed by a multidisciplinary team to detect if they have mental issues, like schizophrenia. And it can take years.

        All this process takes years, and it is also one path of self-discovery where no politics or other bullshits can interfere. If we would have a media that was not sensationalist these types of situations wouldn’t be such a mess.

        Gender identity has nothing to do with pansexuality, but anyway, I leave here one article where they explain very well how it happens.

        I hope, next time you hear something about it and people saying bullshit you can give to them the right insight.


      6. No sighing allowed! I totally understand the difference. Perhaps in Portugal people are more sane? The case that I’m referring to in Texas has the mother wanted to start hormone treatment for the child in preparation for gender reassignment. This is where the confluence of science and identity politics crashes. You can read for yourself:

        And while this is a BOY, you can read the leftist publication who is already referring to him as ‘her’.

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      7. Sighing is allowed because I want to!
        In Portugal, we have an intense protocol where children, if they have symptoms, are followed by a professional team because of distress and emotional turmoil.
        No one will have surgery or hormonal treatments until 18 years old, simple as that.
        The articles you gave me to read are full of ignorance and bullshit from the LGBTS community when in reality we are talking and dealing with a real health issue.

        A friend of mine killed himself six years ago because the wait was too long for him. He did 17 surgeries because he was born a girl, and while waiting for the last one, depression and social isolation took him away.

        Suprise me to see all that drama in one of the most advanced countries in the world, at least is what they say. But this leads me again to the point where health issues are health issues, not crap to feed audiences or the fat ass of politicians.

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