While ago I wrote an article in Ouso escrever called the Morality of Transsexuality, because we should understand that Harry Benjamin syndrome, (THIS IS THE CORRECT NAME), is a sexual disease that requires treatment like many other diseases.

The problem started when society made it a taboo and called these people freaks, prostitutes, and women with a penis or men with vaginas. In the last three decades, media has made this topic a complete circus where everybody is confused with all the disinformation, and we can’t forget the complete disrespect for privacy and human rights.

Harry Benjamin syndrome has become the nightmare propaganda where Gouvernements, LGBT forces want only one thing, power.

Gender dysphoria is real and requires hormonal treatments and surgeries for the well being of the carries of this disease. But there is a protocol that should be respected, which means being followed by multiple disciplinary teams that will test the evidence of the illness.

Children can’t have medical procedures until they have eighteen years old. To be even more clear, people who do suffer from this will go through the whole transformation medical and legal process. And it is for this reason that I stand against the fact that gender dysphoria and even intersexuality be part of the LGBT community.

Gender dysphoria or even intersexuality, it is a physical disease explained by one abnormal hormonal function during pregnancy.

In the gender dysphoria, the morphology of the baby brains belongs to one gender but the sexual anatomy to the other.

In intersexuality cases, a girl may be born with a noticeably large clitoris or lacking a vaginal opening, or a boy may be born with a notably small penis. The scrotum can be divide and have a labia form and can be born with mosaic genetics. Some of the cells have XX chromosomes and also XY.

So now I ask you what gender dysphoria and intersexuality has to do with sexual orientation? Nothing! And that’s why it shouldn’t be under the LGBT umbrella or being talked about through media channels like all these humans were freaks.

All these people are the women and men, almost invisible in society because they are living their normal lives, despite the fact they had gone through a huge nightmare of medical procedures.
They have dreams and hopes, and some of them even want to have a family. Which is another problem, because no one tells them that before they start the hormonal treatments, they can save their fertility with cryopreservation, for example.

April Ashley,  is an English Model and restaurant hostess. She was one the first British people to be outed with gender dysphoria, this was done by the Sunday People in 1961

Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy (23 August 1931 – 9 October 2006), better known by her stage name Coccinelle, was a French actress, entertainer and singer. She was the first widely publicized post-war gender reassignment case in Europe, where she was an international celebrity and a renowned club singer.

I think it is time to stop with stupidity and respect people for who they are, giving them the right conditions and human rights, which will allow them to flourish in society.
My dears, health issues are serious matters that should be treated as health issues, not as one madness way to achieve power through the suffering of others.

Thanks to my friend Robert, because our last exchange of commentaries gave me the idea to write this article. I hope it can help to demystify this topic and add respect.

Have a lovely weekend!

With love,


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      1. You are welcome! 😉

        The articles you showed me were like a scream in my ears “write something about it”.

        We, human beings, are living in a period where things should be talked in the right terms and the right platforms to help, not to use as a form to gain power. I didn’t have gender dysphoria, but I know very well what is the feeling of having a health problem try to seek for a solution, and besides not having much information, face misunderstanding even from the medical community.

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