Sometimes patience isn’t your best friend, neither being a pushover. Life demands from you, attitude, honesty, and congruency.
It is your responsibility to take the reins of your destiny, even when you have to face multiple obstacles.

The image was taken today while I was driving my tractor to his last destiny, it was a moment of farewell with the inner feeling inside my heart that I was doing the right thing for my well being and health.

Being a farmer means you have the huge responsibility to look after your farm, your crops, but the principle, yourself! I ended last year, completely exhausted emotionally, and psychically after so many troubles and pressures from other human beings.

I did my best to save everything from what was made by others, along the way, before I arrived. I had meetings with the Portuguese government and paid so much money for things that I couldn’t believe, till the moment I decided, was over!

At the top of the cake, I had a blindsided romantic breakup, which was the last slap I needed at that moment.

How do I feel today? Devastated, I have inside me a mixture of pain and peace with sadness and joy. I feel when something serious happens in my life, the romantic partners who swore to feel a deep love for me, are always gone! And this leads to the point where all of us should think that love is a choice and one action.

Who chose to leave when you feel completely exhausted and emotionally empty, never loved you, and never saw the real you.

Love is profound, the characteristic that allows you to see and stay with your partner in his or her weak moments.

The moment I live right now, I deserved to have a man by my side to hug me, and say: “Alexandra, everything will be alright!”
Who doesn’t want to be with you when your world is falling apart because the grass is greener, don’t deserve to be with you when you return to the top.

Today I took the responsibilities of the reins of my life again, it doesn’t matter what other people did, said, or even if they left. You know why? Because I am the most important person and self in my life.

Ouso Escrever was made for this, to share with people the real knowledge of real people, with real lives!

With love,


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  1. It’s really hard when you put everything into a relationship and the other person walks away. It’s really sad how often that happens. I agree with you … At the end of the day, it’s our life … and we need to take up the reins again, prioritise self-care, and work on designing a life we are happy with.

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    1. My dear,

      The last part of your commentary resumes my whole article. I believe it’s important to let people go, let things fall apart in general in your life to rebirth.
      The hardest thing is when your support, the person you love, walks away when you have a huge life-changing episode. And yes, here you have all the right to ask if it was ever really love or just one illusion.

      It is a big event and a big change in my life occurring right now, but I am not alone, I have myself.

      Have a lovely day 🙂

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  2. not that there is anything wrong with a woman driving/using a tractor or any farm/ranch equipment. it was just not what i had a picture of you doing.

    life is an adventure. if it was predictable, then it would not be life.

    and the thing about social media, you are not alone. you have gained knowledge and the event will pass. i fell you have the right attitude about it all.

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    1. Dear Buddy,

      Thank you for your commentary!

      I love farming, but I want to have my business with my energy and not be surrounded by so many vampires, which requires more inner work. And set me free from responsibilities that don’t belong to me, because life is too short to waste my time with people and situations who don’t deserve even a small percentage of who I am.

      Have one wonderful day 😉


  3. Life is a journey that is a little bit like a roller coaster. It will always have high and lows and nothing stays the same for ever. Life is constant change. Enjoy the highs and know that the lows will eventually pass. The partners that left when you needed love the most were afraid of the ride and it’s their loss. Eventually the right person will come along to brave the roller coaster with you. And when they do it will be an adventure worth having. Take care and enjoy the ride 😃

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