I would like to thank Anthonia for nominating me for this award. Thank you, Anthonia! For choosing “Ouso Escrever” and my writing to this award. You can follow the Anthonia blog here, where you will find posts about daily life experiences.

1) What’s your blog about and why did you start it?

“Ouso Escrever” is all about intimate relationships and self-improvement. I decided to build this place after start my post-grad in neuroeducation, and also see the complete disaster that is most of the relationships in our days. Men and women have an inherent lack of self-awareness about human psychology and how they self sabotage connections because of fears and old patterns.

2)Who would you wish you could have dinner with and why?

I wish I could have dinner with Cher, and the reason why is because this woman, like me, is completely out of the box and had to face many challenges to achieve the life she has today. Many critics never considered her a good singer, performer, or even actress. But the truth is, after many ups and downs, she still has a career.

3) Where do you live and tell us a little bit about it?

At the present moment, I live in Portugal, my country, and I love this place. Portugal is one of the eldest countries in Europe.
Food, family traditions, history, and landscape are the keys to understanding this country.

4) When was your last holiday and where did you go?

My last holiday was in Australia, and I went to Byron Bay, Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast.

5) Where would be your ultimate destination and why?

My ultimate destination will be Australia because the country itself has a lot of opportunities, and there is something special about nature and wildlife there. Because it is a recent country, I believe it is open to new ideas and people with minds out of the box.

6) What’s your favourite music?

7) Reading or writing?

I love both!

8) What’s the best meal you ever had and why?

Oh I love food!

9) Love or hate your job and why?

I love my job. Even though I am a teacher, my principal job in the last decade was the agricultural entrepreneur.
Although I am naturally a resilient person, farming taught me how to be an even better person than I was before.

It was a true awakening for me as a woman and person because we have to choose carefully our peers. And even in moments of vulnerability, we must be emotionally “horny” to continue to command the boat, or when it is time to stop.

10) What would be your favorite job in the world and why aren’t you doing it?

I want to be I will be a psychologist with a specialization in the human sexuality area. To be a real and good psychologist you have to know yourself and not use the degree to heal who you are. So, for me now, it will be the right moment.

With love


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