I always had a profound admiration for Cher not because she is one international idol, but because she never hid from her audience the flaws and vulnerable moments. With one career spanning for five decades, she is the living proof that age is just one number and that the no’s you receive from life, and people, are the gas you need to live your life propose.

Chiquitita, the Spanish version, came out today, 8 May, at the exact moment that I am living the biggest life-changing of my entire existence. One funny aspect of this version of the song is it touched my heart more than the English version, for sure because, the Spanish language is so close to Portuguese.

Self-compassion, self-love is the fundamental rule to cross the bridge of life even when people you used to love decided to follow another road. Don’t stick yourself in one spiral of sadness or try to save anyone or anything at your expense, emotional, energetically, or physical expense.

I am one wonderful woman, I am Alexandra, and I love a good challenge. Bring it all life, because I am here for you!
In the school era, my friends used to call me Cher. Even now, the ones I still have after more than two decades call me that, and I am proud, I am a natural warrior.

After the darkness, the universe always brings into your life what you deserve. Be firm, be your best self and please, love who you are.

For you that use to read to my articles, I send my love!

“Chiquitita, sabes muy bien
Que las penas vienen y van y desaparecen
Otra vez vas a bailar
Y serás feliz
Como flores que florecen
Chiquitita, no hay que llorar
Las estrellas brillan por ti allá en lo alto
Quiero verte sonreír
Para compartir
Tu alegría, Chiquitita
Otra vez quiero compartir
Tu alegría, Chiquitita
Otra vez quiero compartir
Tu alegría, Chiquitita”


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