Sunday, 10 May 2020

Spending daily time outdoors can heal, restore, and connect you with your inner world. The silence of nature has the power to re-centered our nervous system and align our brain’s hormones production.

When you are surrounded by nature, you´re simply in the present. Conscious and awake to the moment, going with the flow and living your life.

For people like me, called empaths, we need to go out to nature to find stability and purge negative emotions or energy from our bodies.

If you are feeling exhausted, emotionally, or physically, nature is a good option to reestablish and fulfill your tank with pure energy.

Chose healthily, be healthy!

Take care of yourself,


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    1. Hello there,

      You can be sure that nature is the best pill for most of our issues. Thankfully, I am working with the right people when it comes to health concerns because as a highly sensitive person or empath can be daunting to deal with many things coming at the same time.

      Stress and emotional vampires can kill us when you don’t set healthy boundaries.

      Have one wonderful week! 🙂

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