Am I a millennial? Well, at the beginning of this year, I decided to call it quits to social media usage, and I will stick to that plan. I can recognize the positive aspects of it, but as a woman, and now studying neuroeducation made me realize the amount of unnecessary time we spent on it.

It is an addiction that all of us should avoid, and we shouldn’t allow children to be part of it either.

The power to walk away not only gives you the sovereignty
of your life, but also the ability to seek and spend time with the ones that matter to you.

The ones who love you will always find one way to reach out to you, and you are a real human being who deserves and need real connections in real-time.

I am who I am, and you are who you are for the stories you lived, for the scars (visible and invisible) that you carry in your body and heart. So what is Social Media, then? A place to make new friends? One place to date new partners or enhance your business?

What is the psychological effect behind it? Don’t you think we are not only destroying our attachments styles but also creating a new reality full of avoidance?

My name is Alexandra, and I quit social media because I am too good to be true, but you know what? I’m not a millennial, I am real, and so you are!


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    1. I don’t consider WordPress a social media platform, at least not for me. The same goes for the SoundCloud platform.
      On Facebook, I felt it was time to call it quits after the breakup, but also because I was being contacted in a sexual way that goes against the rules of my life and core values. Even though I removed those people from there, I’m still feeling I need to be with me.
      The present moment is just for me and the projects I have ahead. 😉

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  1. even though YOU may not consider WP to be “social media,” in the general context of it all, it is. not that social media is a bad thing, but it can be in how it is used. just like other things, we need to control it and not have it control us. use it like a tool. and you seem to use it well for your purpose. 🙂

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