Think about this:

“Whether it’s society’s pressure, our culture, or the drive to try and make everyone happy around us, we all face obstacles to going deeper within our reality. This can leave us feeling unfulfilled, anxious, and depressed, searching for meaning outside ourselves, and trying anything to develop a real connection. Many of us feel that money or fame will fulfill us. We believe the story sold to us that building a company, finding a perfect partner, having a great career, or traveling the world will lead us to true happiness. We search all over for that peaceful sense of fulfillment, and we struggle to find it. Because it’s not outside ourselves; it’s within us. Once we understand this very concept, we can finally become good enough for life. We can finally start seeking approval from the only person who matters: ourselves. “

Some tips:

  1. Don’t use temporary forms of instant gratification (alcohol; drugs; sex; gambling; dating apps)
  2. Sit with your discomfort
  3. Live with intention
  4. Use the real you to influence others to be themselves
  5. Observe your own life and events inherent to it.

You are the center of your life, remember who you were right before society told you what you should be.

Portugal, May 2020

With all my love,


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