The silent treatment is one amateur, immature, and selfish way to act in relationships. The act of silent treatment itself reveals a lack of self-awareness and the capacity to regulate emotions. It doesn’t matter if they are narcissists or not silent treatment is part of the range of toxic and harmful attitudes to a relationship.

Remember, bad behavior is unacceptable, and you have the power not only to erase that from your life but also to train yourself to find a healthy partner. Able to have healthy conversations and love you in your moments of glory or weakness.

With Love,


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    1. Hello Robin,

      Thank you for your commentary!

      For some reason, it went to the spam box.

      Covert narcissists are not easy to spot, but usually, they are the wolf dressed in sheep clothes. What we have to understand is that these individuals are in fact in suffering and have low self-esteem. A large percentage of them were victims of abuse and enmeshment, so now they do this to other people.

      The best thing to do is acknowledge all we can about this topic and move on with our lives, even if they are our parents.

      Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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