Today, precisely a year ago, I started my journey with Ouso Escrever, on the WordPress Platform.
Before I begin this new article, I would like to thank all of you that subscribed, read, and at least internalize the message that my words intend to convey.

So far as I can remember, I always had this innate ability to write. And talk about controversial topics that the population, in general, shouldn’t avoid. We are now living in this period, where most individuals are lazy and whimsical to make intimate relationships work in their lives.

Men and women, nowadays, jump from one relationship to another relationship when the honeymoon phase ends. They are addicted to fantasy, to hormones as drug addicts are to heroin or cocaine. And behind them, they left a wide range of human beings hurt, and wondering for themselves what went wrong.

A real relationship is when you hold hands, and together, you pass the portal to the second phase of the relationship. The second phase of one intimate relationship happens when reality settles down, and you and your partner can overcome misunderstandings. And yes, in some days, you will hate each other but still see him or her as the person you love.

Understand that some men or women are just good at the first stage of the relationship. They run to fast and too ahead of what they can sustain. They might make plans with you, being the ones saying first how much they love you, that you are the best thing they had ever, and then poof! They disappear, they play the hot and cold game, that love you but aren’t in love with you, or they may string you along while you are doing all the relationship work. And then, when you establish boundaries or call them out, they discard you and even might invoke “too much drama” excuse.

Is everyone like this today? No! But to attract the right partner, we should adjust our selection process and feel who we are and what we want.

Never blame who you are just because a relationship didn’t go well. Acknowledge what you learned from the experience, work on yourself, re-attract your energy from the person, and the situation.

If you are a smart dater, and I believe you are, after a breakup, you will want and need to stay alone. Because you know emotionally healthy and mature people take a break from the dating sphere, after losing someone that they used to have one romantic attachment. Someone that they used to call their partner.

This has been my message to all of you since the beginning of this place. So, once again, thank you so much for being part of my WordPress family. The Portuguese/Dutch girl here will continue doing her writing to share knowledge and doing her part to make this world a better place to live.

With love,


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