Penis size, does it really matter?

The answer is simple: No!

In recent years many studies and even social experience has taught us that men are suffering pressure to be great performers in bed and wondering if their penis size is enough to satisfy their partners. Believe it or not, one of the causes, why this happens, is related to the consumption of pornography. The camera angles towards the male sexual genitalia and even the incredible performances with all sort of positions, leave the sensation in men that they aren’t good enough. The question should be when it comes to pornography:

Do you know how many pauses they take to record scenes? Do you know that they take pills to have last long erections?

Now, let’s take a look at our history to understand how society viewed penis size.

At ancient cultures, like Roman and Greek, look at how male statuettes are made, their penises are surprisingly small with clear evidence that what matters is the body structure and testicles form. In this period, virility and potency were centered in the testicles, and the penis was only the instrument of sperm passage for fertilization. This idea that small is perfection lasted till renaissance.

David, Renaissance Sculpture

After the XIX century till our days, the size of penises are now the center of everything and synonym of virility, which leads men to experience performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and avoidance behaviors when it comes to sexual intercourse. We should thank the pornography industry and also our shallow culture for destroying the real meaning of what is being a man and woman. Unless you have a micropenis, the size of your penis is normal. Women, if they are emotionally healthy, don’t care about your penis size or if you can do circus art positions.

After many years at school and working hard to have a stable life or at least a prospective stable life, women in their middle 30’s tend to seek a steady partner to settle down. Sex is important. But co-related with emotional safety and satisfaction. So women don’t care about your penis size, they care if you are a reliable source of emotional stability and if they can be who they are around you, and you around them.

More than talk about penis size, you should look at how was your first sexual experience. What kind of partners you had. What kind of conversations you heard all your life about sex and intimacy from your peers and family members. Are sexuality and your body a taboo for you? How do you see sex? Mechanical or an act of love that you share with another person?

Be all you can be! Be you!

If your partner blames you for your penis size or is only interested in your penis and sexual performances, there is something wrong, and that should be a warning sign to look after.
We all know that hookup culture and shallow relationships are on the rise. But I also know that all this immense pressure towards men leads them to severe cases of depression, and a profound inability to sustain or remain in healthy partnerships.

To conclude this article, which I hope will be helpful, I want to warn for one dangerous problem, the usage of pornography and social media causes abnormalities in the orbitofrontal cortex region and also in callosum corpus, which connects the two cerebral hemispheres. The damages are the same as those caused by the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Take care of yourself!


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  1. people forget that porn is ACTING! i always found it funny how in a porn movie the woman is always wanting a BIG penis and gushes over the male having a large penis and saying it wont fit as it is too big. lol of course those making the movie will pick a male actor with a very large penis and have a small in stature actor woman and of course his penis can not be fully inserted into the woman. so what is the sense of having a large penis??? porn is to help with arousal and entertainment and nothing else. porn is fiction and not fact. insertion of the penis into the vagina is just one part of the sexual encounter. from the articles i have read over many years, it is not really about length as much as it is about girth and how the penis is used and all the actions before the penis is inserted (kissing, sucking, fingering, toys, etc.) which matter. but one MUST communicate to their sexual partner about what they enjoy and what arouses and pleases them. since having cancer removal surgery about 5 years ago my penis no longer works like it use to. but at least i dont have cancer.

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  2. I love your blog. It nourishes my curiosity. Thanks for starting this blog.
    I’ve been knowing lots of men who think what size their penis is..
    But, does the good inch penis help us women in stimulating the G spot n all…

    I kinda like when the manhood is 4-5 inches long at least..

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    1. Thank you for your commentary, April!

      Let’s have a short version of sexual education here:

      1. Men don’t need to have a long penis to reach women G’ Spot, because, with these two positions, it can be reached easily: a woman lying on her back with her legs curled up tilts her pelvis or woman on top at a 45-degree angle.

      2. Men can use their fingers to give their partners sexual pleasure and reach the G spot.

      3. Even though we all have the G-spot, the sensation can vary from women to women, time of arousal, and season of life.

      4. Sexual pleasure has an intimate connection with emotional stability.

      5. Sex is all about exploration and also joy.

      6. Men don’t need to be god’s in bed, they need yes, to learn how to communicate what they want and also fulfill their partners daily (Same rule applies to women)

      7. Sexuality flows when we throw through the window, our taboos, and fears that we aren’t enough.

      So my last question after all this is: Does penis size matter? Of course not! Because pleasure and sexuality happen for real in the brain first, and our sexual organs are the catalyst to materialize that reality.


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  3. O pênis, a vagina, a masculinidade, a feminilidade, a afetividade, a agressividade são símbolos de poder de acordo com certos contextos. A forma como se relacionam é onde reside toda espécie de estranhamento por parte dos que são incapazes de dialogar. Muitos problemas na humanidade poderiam ter sido resolvidos com diplomacia e diálogo. Pode se dizer o mesmo das relações afetivas. Nossa capacidade de conversar e de compreender é geralmente superada pela necessidade egocêntrica de ser ou de parecer mais forte, de ter o controle e de definir o ritmo do casal de forma unilateral. Um desrespeito com a pessoa que está do seu lado. O sexo é só complemento para o que vem depois da paixão. Sem respeito pelo outro, o sexo e os símbolos de poder que ele espelha nada são.

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  4. When framing the importance of penis size within the context a relationship, I agree that it likely ranks pretty low on priorities. There are far more important factors to considers. In full transparency here, I write a lot about cuckolding – a sexual kink enjoyed by a couple that involves the woman sleeping with other men (often more endowed men). Based on personal experience and discussions with women who are speaking candidly about, if a man is endowed (and knows what he is doing), “some” women can have an enhanced experience from a longer and thicker penis. I’m on the smaller side and have watched my lovers experience the pleasure of more endowed men. That said, I never once felt insecure about it because, as you mention, the relationship is about so much more…including intimacy and love.

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