Friendships, when they are real, are a form of love for another human that can go along with us our entire life. Living in a moment where everything happens, or almost everything happens on cell phones, how many real friends do we have? How many times do we see them during the year? How many times we call them to tell, “Hey, thank you for being in my life!”?

I come from a traditional Portuguese family where a good education was the center of my childhood. Respect individuals and treat them as equals, is one of the pearls of my crown, and also be straight forward with my opinions, needs, and wants. I love to have people around me, receive them well, cook for them, and feed our connections as long as I can. Of course, and like anybody else, I had my deceptions, but my rule was and still be, never judge anyone without knowing the whole story.

When it comes right down to it, there is no more valuable social capital than friendships. These are the relationships that can stand the test of time and distance and roll with the punches when things get a little dicey. Good friends, though, will give you the space you need when you need it, and love you just as much when you’re down as when you’re up, and when you’re broke as well as loaded.” – Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D

Angela and Rita, my two closest friends, we know each other since high school, and they were and still be with me always for the best or the worst. Even though Portuguese culture is losing a little bit of the meaning of being surrounded by family and close friends, the truth is that just like Italians, we love our people.
Nothing makes me happier than being in the kitchen, cooking delicious Portuguese dishes, and desserts. It is the ultimate art of loving even, our friends. I do believe Mediterranean cultures understand what I am talking.

Besides my family, these two girls were the healthy and safe emotional network I could count on during this time of transition in my life. It is hard when you are saying goodbye to everything you’ve always known in your entire life without support.
Love is consistency, support, understanding, and not an easy task if you are a self-centered person. Love one partner, friends, and even family consist essentially if our value systems are compatible. So, when you catch yourself having doubts about people in your surroundings, ask yourself why you are feeling that way and never have afraid to walk away from who can’t see your value.

Relationships and friendships are always evolving. The ones who are willing to take the initial leap of faith with you are the ones to have around. Think about this.

As Plato said: “No one is a friend to his friend who does not love in return.

I love you girls!


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  1. “Friendships are made up of little pieces, little pieces of time that we live with each person. It doesn’t matter the amount of time we spend with each friend, but the quality of the time we live with each person (Saint-Exupéry)”. I like you both a lot. Kisses

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