Sooner or later I would write about this topic because it is something that touches me deeply, I am a very tall woman, and I quite don’t understand why many tall women don’t wear high heels, even if they love to. Also, they diminish their beautiful and unique characteristics to appeal more to men.

A self-confident man will never blame you for your height. In fact, the more self-confident you are, and the more you embrace your physical traits, the more that man will be attracted to you emotionally and physically. Men are attracted to happiness and self-confidence.

Just because your height is superior to 5ft 10 inches, you aren’t like many individuals defend, a freakishly tall or Amazonian with genetic mutation disease. I am 6ft 7 inches (2 meters) without heels, but I wear heels with 3.9 inches (10 centimeters). So what should I do? Diminish who I am to please insecure individuals, or kill me because I am a sexy tall woman who doesn’t give a fuck about what others think?

Maybe some men would never date you because of your height, but then they aren’t the right men for you. Men who see your physical appearance as a threat are insecure, but also out of your team league. And this is the logical thinking that I want you to have whenever you are facing a rejection situation of this nature.

Here my tips for you: 

  1. Develop a thicker skin about your height when you are dealing with society and men in particular. Don’t take disinterest or brush-offs personally. 
  2. Be naked and get comfortable with your naked body. Lately, I have been swimming in the river naked to enjoy my body and also nature. You will also experience real freedom. At least, try to have some private time at home, once a week, where you can be fully naked for a couple of minutes and appreciate that moment. 
  3. Wear what you want! Do you like high heels, dresses, and mini skirts? Wear all! The biggest mistake that will affect your self-esteem, in the long run, is to stop wearing what you want to please your romantic partner. 
  4. If you are dating someone new and the height issue come to the table, don’t be defensive. Smile and show how happy you are with your body. When you like yourself enough to stand up with respect for your beliefs, the right man won’t think twice to have you in his life. 
  5. Dare to be your authentic self!

At the end of the day, we are special not only because of our special and unique characteristics but for how we embrace our uniqueness. If you are tall like me, be proud of who you are, and never allow anyone to convince the opposite. Who tries that is toxic, and life is too short to allow toxicity to poison our butterfly wings.

With love,


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  1. This is very interesting! Thanks. I’m loving your openness in your blog, and original thinking. It’s opened my eyes. I have to say that I always had the idea in my head that I wouldn’t want to date someone taller than me. At the end of the day, I probably wouldn’t have ruled anything out beforehand, but I wouldn’t have thought it likely. But now I’m rethinking it. It IS hard to find a personality match, so why rule anybody out? And for me there is no question of aesthetic in it, it was purely a height ratio thing.

    Anyways, you are dead right that at the end of the day, the best and sexiest thing is to be confident :D. A funny thing was that this morning I found myself looking at one of the shortest and tallest people in the world! This lady is amazing:

    My youngest brother has always been relatively small, and has had some insecurities about height. But he seems to have found his own way towards greater confidence, too :).

    Is 5ft10 the typical ‘high water mark’ in society’s eyes for ladies’ height?

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    1. Hello Robin,

      Thank you for your commentary!

      I would say that for women, things start to be a little bit weird with men when their height is more than 5ft 10 inches. But this also happens because tall women don’t wear that much high heels, for example, and hide behind superficial self-talk.

      I love my height, and I love high heels, and I don’t bother at all if the man is shorter than me. What attracts me in one man is his intellectual capacity and emotional abilities to connect with me. Like my grandfather would say, “Honey, don’t worry because in the horizontal position everybody has the same height!”.

      Being tall and somehow exotic is a normal thing for me it is part of my family genes, and I am glad I am like this.

      What is your height?

      Have a lovely evening! 🙂

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      1. “But this also happens because tall women don’t wear that much high heels, for example, and hide behind superficial self-talk”

        I see what you mean! Interesting. Yes it is definitely a confident statement to go ahead and wear heels anyway, love it. To be honest I thought the primary purpose of heels was to make you taller, in case you are self-conscious about feeling short, lol. Hahaha, your grandfather’s quote is great! What a great grandfather.

        I am 5ft 8. Quite a boring height really! Lol.

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      2. High heels have many functions. One of them is to make you look taller. But in my case, I love high heels because it is a way to connect with my feminine energy, and my long legs deserve one accessory to enhance their natural beauty.

        The more you accept who you are, your body, and special features, the more things will come naturally to you. I understand that some men can be nervous and intimidated by our stature, but I believe when we can show other understanding paths and also acceptance of who we are. Everything flow and amazing surprises will come.

        My grandfather was such a man 🙂 And your height is nothing boring, but only sexy. 😉

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      3. That makes a lot of sense!

        Yeah I totally agree. I remember having body insecurities during teenage years. And I did sometimes imagine being a tall person and understanding the self-consciousness that I’ve noticed in some tall people.

        Actually I always assumed that taller girls wouldn’t be interested in shorter ones. I imagine that would be quite a common factor preventing guys approaching taller girls.

        Haha! Thanks :).

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      4. Hahaha! I see why you suggested that. That’s really funny with the heights being the same. That was great to watch, up to the conversation with the girl’s Dad. That was too painful, I had to stop watching. Her Dad was a total ass, I would never try to reason with anybody like that! 🤦‍♂️

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      5. A while ago, a friend sent me this video because this couple now has a baby girl and got married. What I loved about this and that’s why I decided to share is that he is a big man.
        Personality or character strong/positive traits are what we are looking for in a romantic partner despite his height.
        Her father is the kind of man that wants to have all the control over people and situations, unhealthy and toxic, I would say.

        I am glad they are together and are building a beautiful family. If you saw at the beginning of the video, she has a depreciative way to talk about herself because of her height, and that should never happen.


  2. Olha, essa situação é bem complicada. No meu comentário do post anterior, eu me refiro a um relacionamento abusivo que tive com uma criatura que era muito alta (1,80M) e usava salto de 10cm. Eu tenho 1,70M, então ela ficava 20cm mais alta que eu. Ela também era/é muito sexy e isso me provocava certa insegurança, mas eu me sentia um sortudo. No final das contas término do relacionamento veio por outros motivos….

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    1. Olá Ricardo,

      o teu comentário vai ao encontro daquilo que pretendi transmitir, o importante não é a altura das pessoas, mas sim, a personalidade das mesmas.
      Ainda assim, existe muito estigma em torno das mulheres altas e muitas delas perpetuam isso quando não se sentem bem com elas mesmas. Estou numa fase da vida que me estou nas tintas para se gostam ou não quando uso saltos ou mini saias. Aliás as pernas que tenho bem merecem uma saia mais curta de vez em quando, por mim, porque quero e gosto.

      Lamento que te tenhas sentido assim, mas acredito que as inseguranças vinham de outras coisas que ela podia fazer ou tu sentias, e não pela altura propriamente dita.

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  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring the women who do not feel comfortable about their height.

    I think everybody should be proud of the way they look as we are all beautiful people and we should never date people who do not love us for what we truly are. ❤

    I could never understand why some people worry about the question of height – the reason behind this is probably the fact that my mother is taller than my father and she still loves wearing high heels and I kind of grew up in a family of very tall women (my mum, my aunt and basically everyone)

    And well… should never give up on high heels! I think women wearing high heels are very attractive regardless their height and well…high heels, they are just so beautiful. Like I do not wear them myself but I just love the way they look, so many different styles and colours. (Do not get me wrong, not a kind of fetish, just a fashion-loving gay guy 🙂 )



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  4. Finally some discussion on this. Women are made differently and should love themselves in all their forms. Great post. I am new to WordPress. I followed you and I would really appreciate a follow back. Here is what I do: I seek to empower women to find their inner queen. Lots of content is coming soon. I might also come out with merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc in the future with empowering messages on them. However for now, I am just focused on empowering women with information. I look forward to supporting your content.

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  5. Thank you for the follow. I am currently compiling an email list of the most supportive people in my following circle, and you are one of them. The people in the email list would be the first to know when I launch. Do send me your email so that I can add to the list. In addition, this list is also special because I will keep you in mind for freebies and benefits as I create them. Thank you for the support.


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