It was in 1964 that Cher recorded her first single under the name Bonnie Jo Mason, which destroys the pretensions of some fans who thought she had begun her career with Sonny Bono.
Her first single called “Ringo, I love!” was a love song about Ringo Starr that got banned from the majority of radio stations. Because of her vocals, they thought she was a man and, therefore, a gay love song.

Needless to say, the single became a commercial failure due to the lack of publicity, bizarrely staying forgotten even today, despite the singer’s worldwide success.

In Portugal, the lead singer of the Portuguese Band “The Gift” Sónia Tavares, during one concert, a man tried to hit her because he thought she was a travesty. Sonia Tavares has a very deep voice for a woman as I do. For this reason, the band had to create their label because no producer or radio wanted to play their music. After all, “the boy”, they said, had a good voice but wasn’t commercial.

Today, The Gift is the most successful international Portuguese band, which worked in the past with Brian Eno.
Sónia calls her voice Alfred, and I call mine, Albert. She is married to Fernando Ribeiro, the lead singer of Moonspell Band.

Last year the British singer Helen Leahey became the singer with the lowest vocal note for females. And of course, many were the voices that said she was a man, and in her “The Voice” performance, you can hear people laughing in the beginning.

We are born with specific characteristics that make us unique in this world. Be it physical or intellectual characteristics. Our gender should never be mistaken by the tone of our voices or physical appearance. Women, because of environment and hormonal changes, are developing a tendency to have a deeper voice than usual.

For both men and women, the people who had lowered their pitch ended up with a higher social rank and were considered to be more dominant in the group, while the people who had raised their pitch were considered to be more submissive and had a lower social rank.

Every day we hear and see slogans defending that our world should be a better place where acceptance is one of the basic traits in a healthy society. But what is see is discrimination based on false assumptions and bullshits that seem to never end. We treat people as objects of curiosity because they break the norms and are unique. What do we want with all this? What is the education we are giving to young generations?

It is understandable why so many people are suffering from emotional instability and mental health disorders. We are killing biodiversity but, most importantly, killing the freedom of being.

Being unique in the middle of standard society is halfway to success. Use that power to change and create a brand new world!

The Gift Band and Sónia Tavares Voice:

And one of my podcast if you want to hear me and learn:

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  1. a very interesting post. i feel cher’s song is just very bad music. and i like much of chers songs. how often have we heard a song sung in a high voice and find out it is a man singing? yes, we form a vision of the person when we only hear the voice. when i see a radio personality in which i have only heard their voice, i am a bit shocked as my vision did not fit the real face. lol of the women i have met who have had a sex change (from man to woman) it is their voice that never seems to fit. there is, i feel, a certain low level of a woman’s voice which seems to “fit” and many feel a “husky, smokey” voice to be sexy.

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    1. Hello Buddy,

      Thank you for your commentary!

      As usual, your commentary adds something more to my post, but as I exemplified, not just women who were born with gender dysphoria have deep voices. Even women like me and the examples of the article can have deep voices, and I don’t understand why some people laugh at it. Maybe I am repeating myself, but society needs education and also learn how to respect who have unique characteristics.

      What is society? Society should be a place where citizens feel safe and protected no matter what characteristics they have. What is the norm? What is normal? What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman?

      What makes me happy for real is all these women cherished the world with their amazing talent, even when that world used to judge them.

      Have a lovely Sunday!

      Big hug!

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      1. as i’m sure you are aware, people laugh not only at something they may feel is funny, but also because of being nervous. if someone has never met/heard someone with a different sounding voice, the first meeting could be interpreted as maybe joking by the person with the different voice. i feel it is just human nature when at first meeting, but anything after would just be cruel. what does it mean to be a woman or a man? loaded question and you could get many different answers for as many different people. accepting those who maybe different from what someone who sees them as being different is being mature.

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  2. Hi Alexandra,

    A very inspiring post ❤ Thank you for sharing.

    "We are born with specific characteristics that make us unique in this world. Be it physical or intellectual characteristics. Our gender should never be mistaken by the tone of our voices or physical appearance. Women, because of environment and hormonal changes, are developing a tendency to have a deeper voice than usual."

    And I just love this part – this is just so true. I am so fed up with people who keep promoting "traditional gender characteristics" like I could never understand why speaking at a higher pitch is considered to be "feminine" while having a deep voice is "masculine". In my country, a lot of people still think that a real woman needs to wear long hair and have a high pitched voice while a "real man" is muscular, strong and …well all that.

    So as you said, really no wonder why so many people have mental health issues. I used to be an emo kid (which means that I looked pretty feminine according to the majority of our society) and while people were not bullying me for that, they would still make me feel that I was "not normal". Some of them were even asking me if I was transgender and it made me so upset like…why should anyone think that I am transgender just because I do not respect the traditional "gender roles".

    Personally I am in a lucky position because I am from a very open-minded family where most of the women are feminist (my greatgrandma was the first woman in Transylvania who got divorced and we are so proud of her) but there are many others who are not as lucky as I am.

    Well..sorry for writing a novel it just came out 🙂 Aaaand I just love the songs you have included in the article. Always loved Cher and it's the first time I hear Helen Leheay and her voice is just truly amazing! ❤



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    1. Hello Mark 🙂

      Thank you for your wonderful commentary, as usual.

      The only thing that I have to say is I am proud that I don’t have a high pitch voice, and I don’t care if people on the phone sometimes mistake my gender. The more we accept who we are, the more we will live in peace.

      Your great-grandmother reminds me of my grandmother’s mother of my father. She was born in 1924, and she used to drive tractors and ride her bicycle, which was something too ahead of her time.

      At least I know why I am this natural hurricane 😉

      Have a wonderful weekend! ❤



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