Let me guess! After the end of your last relationship, you decided to improve and educate yourself not only for love but also in other areas of your life. After a while, you start to feel great about yourself, and you decided it is time to go back to the dating market, but something quite off seems to happen. You feel lonely in this new self-evolved position, and your new dating pool seems small to you like there are no possible suitable partners. Out of fear, you decided it’s time to go back, go back to your old dating patterns because with all the new dating educational arsenal. You think that you can change and educate others, and in the middle of their confusion, making them see the light.


Here are the reasons why you can’t go back to your old dating patterns:

1. You have grown as an individual and as a dater/future partner. Naturally will occur one mismatch with individuals who don’t improve themselves.

2. People will think you are too good to be true because they feel insecure around you. And because of this, they will make you feel inadequate questioning all the time your true intentions, and you won’t tolerate this anymore.

3. You know who you are and what you want, for the matter of a fact, you won’t bite psychological games or condone with dating bad behavior.

4. You are enough either alone or with someone.

5. You want to have a relationship because you feel good about yourself and because you are ready to share your life with someone who wants the same.

6. It’s easy for you to identify what can lead to a toxic relationship, and you are not going to let it happen.

7. You will experience dating burnout because you know that you don’t need many choices. What you need is to align your selection process with your core beliefs to find your partner.

8. You will spend as much time as you can alone and waiting without waiting if that means spend the rest of your life with the right partner.

9. At the end of the day, even if it seems impossible and is tempting to go back to old patterns, you will find many people who are self-evolved and wants the same as you do. Find true love and stable relationships.

Forget the old, embrace the new. Even if it sounds a cliche, life is, in reality, too short to waste with or chasing the wrong person. Men and women should never chase for love or somebody else attention. The more real you are, the more your light will erase from your path individuals that want to categorize who you are because they don’t know themselves, and they know from the start they can’t give the love/relationship you deserve.

Honor your new self, honoring your life experiences and what you have learned.

Have a wonderful week,


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  1. nope, never go back. cut the cord, and go forward. if we eat something and we find we dont like it, we dont go back another time to eat it (unless we forgot), so we should not do the same with relationships. if it is bitter the first time, it will be bitter any time after.

    as usual, another great post.

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    1. The truth is unless you see substantial changes in the other person, because if they are the ones who initiate the breakup, rarely they will change anything else. If you go back to the relationship, you can’t love them like it was in the first round. For some couples, it will work out because both parties are committed to making the relationship work. But it will work because in the first round (Like I said) the timing wasn’t perfect, one of them or both were finishing school, or something external happened.

      Do they come back to the old relationship? No! They will start a new and fresh connection, in some cases, stronger than before. Hopefully, with more maturity and understanding.

      Thank you for your commentary and have a lovely day 🙂

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    1. Dear Rebecca,

      I hope you are doing well 🙂

      Thank you so much for your commentary, and the next couple of articles will be around this thematic. Even though I like to write about the hard stuff that no one wants to talk about, uplifting writing is always good to share too.
      I believe when we go back inwards, and we stop looking for anything or someone else, what belongs to us will automatically be attracted into our lives.

      Wishing you a wonderful day 🙂

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