October, my month, and as the title of this article, the month of warm and undying love. October is the real beginning of autumn, the invitation to be naked, to let go and embrace the new in the future. How many of you can be naked without getting rid of your clothes? How many of you experienced or understood and still understand the real meaning of love? What self-analogy love and life gave to you? Can you describe yourself as a good or a bad teacher in your romantic and social relationships? Do you miss someone? Do you want to say I love you or I am sorry to somebody else, but the frightening lack of courage undermines the resolution of that need? Why?

Our subconscious mind and our internal programming system can sabotage amazing relationships and push away people that can exactly see what we are and what we need to be happy. Human emotions are like the four nature seasons, and we should embrace that. One day we might feel like warmth and joyful as summer or spring. Other days we need to be vulnerable and emotionally naked as autumn. Perhaps, we need to hear the sound of a familiar voice or that special hug which will cherish our hearts because, for some reason that we can’t describe yet, it feels like winter.

You may be different and be glad that you are because you are special. Being special in this world means that your uniqueness has value, and that value can be a precious input to improve society, but also your life and your surroundings. Never allow the system and society paradigms to be a reason to stop your progressions as an individual. Be brave, be resilient, be empathic, be honest, be who you are. It is your life, your rules, your circumstances.

My birthday is coming soon, and I am closing a cycle of ten years in my life. I said goodbye. I felt the loss, and I died (metaphorically) to rebirth again. When we talk about changing, autumn is an example of how long it takes to happen. To change, you need to live, and living is a rewarding but also wicked game that requires a leap of faith from your part.

I am glad I never restricted myself to give that necessary leap of faith because I am so much better human being and woman than I was before. 2020 has been a sabbatic year in all areas of my life because I needed to look after my emotional and physical needs. But also respect my timing, and accept that even the Wonder woman has the right to breathe and be happy. And I am, I am genuinely happy because I am truly connected with my essence and my source.

Live your passions and allow joyful experiences to bring you happiness. Cycling is one of my passions, and I did more than 2000 kilometers only this summer.

“Arise and walk, come through (time rolls on)
Someone beyond that door is calling out for you (time rolls on)
Arise and walk, come through
It’s calling out for you (listen to it call)
Arise and walk, come through
Someone beyond that door is calling out for you (listen to it call)” by Tame Impala

Wishing you love and be who you are,



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