Today, I’m not going to write anything about this topic because I would like you to assist the ABC News’s documentary about Tinder and dating apps in general because it does happen in all dating apps. But at the same time, I would love you to think about the following questions:

  1. Are we so lazy in love that we need a dating app to find a partner for us?
  2. What are the precautions that we should take while navigating in those apps?
  3. Why do we close our eyes to evident red flags, and how can we avoid it?
  4. Are we so eager for real connections that we need the swipe technology to help us?
  5. Do we know how dating apps change our brain structures to make it harder to connect and bond with someone good and, for this reason, return to the app again?
  6. Don’t you think that we need to remove our eyes from our cell phones and experience the real world around us? 
  7. What is love for you, an action with feeling, or a business? 
  8. Is it correct to chose people based on a swipe technique?
  9. Why do we want to be fresh meat in the dating restaurant catalog?
  10. How many billions of dollars are those companies making because you are searching for love?

We hear all the time cases of success that couples meet online, get married, and have a family together. But the questions should always be, what do we want in the future: real healthy connections feeding good courtship behavior, or virtualize our emotional needs and connections?

Proceed with care.

With love,



Are Dating Apps Damaging Our Mental Health? by Rob Whitley, Ph.D.

Can Using Online Dating Apps be Addictive by Gwendolyn Seidman Ph.D.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. During the mid-lockdown I installed a app called as Bumble where women make first move and so I felt a bit okay using it…but later within 5 days uninstalled it… I don’t want the virtual world to control ma everything…my work is online…Lord.. everything is online..but it is always good to get out and find a guy outside…lol…

    Thanks for sharing this..❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I’ve been on Tinder and other apps before but found it way too boring. It’s basically a virtual pimp that sets you up for sex and for free. Hated it so much! Never again! I make better use of my time now and it feels much productive rather than having mindless conversations that gets you nowhere.

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  3. Hi Alexandra,

    Great post – as always. I have been feeling so much better since I stopped using dating apps.
    For me personally, the most difficult thing on dating apps was the fact that I always tried to upload real photos of myself – no Photoshop, no editing – while many other people had completely fake profile pictures (by saying fake, I do not mean that they were catfish just….that their photo was edited to the point that they were hardly recognizable in it!)
    And well, you know how it is….when you are new to dating apps, you will not necessarily realize that most of those perfect guys are just fake and you’ll end up thinking that you’re not good enough. Like everyone else looks amazing and you’re the only one who doesn’t.
    Of course, I realized after the first few dates that it’s not the case. And honestly, I do not understand why some guys want to be so perfectly fake on dating apps because they’re actually so much more sympathetic in real life…..
    Or maybe I do, ‘cause over the years I have learnt that a surprisingly huge proportion of people who’re on dating apps do not even want to have anything real like….they just enjoy spending time in a kind of alternate universe.

    HOWEVER! 😀 I would also like to say one thing in the defense of dating apps. HAHA
    There are a lot of gay guys in my country who are afraid to come out as gay so sometimes it’s difficult to meet guys like…. I personally do not have the so-called “gay-radar” that people often talk about.. So in the past, what I would normally do was logging in to Grindr (a dating app that shows if there’s any guy close to you) and see if there’s anyone gay at the social event I was attending.

    And well – despite the fact it was sometimes useful, I do agree it does have a “fresh meat in the market” feeling to it!

    Hugs ❤


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  4. I’m not a fan of tinder or bumble or any dating app, bumble is the best one purely for the forcing of the female to make the first move (but when it’s same sex there’s no rule on who has to message first). I only use tinder for investigation purposes where I see how many matches I can get in different places around the world and sometimes talk to people about what life is like for them if they’re a queer person living in a country where it’s against the law to be queer



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