As we all know, a lot has been said and written about narcissism. Several are even the youtube channels that promote narcissistic behavior, teaching you dating bullshit behavior while others promote explanations about narcissism and offer help to heal you.

At some level, we all have some narcissistic traits, but the unhealthy line begins when you use and hurt other people to achieve your goals or to fulfill your needs.

Healthy narcissism means that you don’t worry about what others think about you. You feel safe and able to express your true self and not taking things personally when people around don’t express the same opinions as you do.
After all, you love to be around people, not waiting for validation or external appreciation. The focus of your life is you. Yes, you! Your eyes and your body is moving towards the realization of your dreams, your happiness.

Assertiveness, proactiveness, empathy, and resilience cover the intimate parts of your personality. You are free to say no and move away from people and situations that reveal to be toxic and are wasting your time. For sure, you don’t promote your life on social media, but if you do, you share the good and bad. Not as self-promotion, but to teach others how real life is.

At the end of the day, the healthy narcissism is part of good mental health, and like in humanism, you are looking and taking good care of your body and the other spheres of your human existence.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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  1. Olha, esse é um ponto sobre o qual tenho me esforçado bastante pra entender. Bem, eu não sei em que estágio de evolução estou, mas já percebi que tenho uma certa necessidade de validação por parte dos amigos e de terceiros. Eu considero que isso seja ruim e tenho tentado melhorar, mas admito que não é algo simples de conseguir.

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    1. Ricardo,

      é importante que consigas perceber o porquê disso acontecer. Tens tendência a te sentir inseguro em determinadas situações ou pessoas? Porque te sentes inseguro? Consegues expressar facilmente aquilo que sentes para ti e para os outros? Vivendo numa comunidade, de uma maneira ou de outra, teremos sempre validação de outros. Contudo, a diferença reside no facto dessa suposta validação não deturpar/alterar a visão que temos de nós mesmos e daquilo que queremos para a nossa vida. 😉

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  2. That’s an interesting concept. We need to have a certain level of self-regard, self-love, and care in order to have a mentally healthy and functional life. Narcissism may be one of those things in life that are on a continuum. Too much or too little and it’s problematic. A healthy dose and you’re in good shape.

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