November, a brand new month, begins today. And because I don’t want to write a traditional article for you to read. Instead, I propose one exercise that I invite you to do and be honest with yourself and your answers. 

The knowledge journey begins today for you, and more than hearing toxic talk shows on tv, or listen to social media influencers who are pay to talk about some subjects they don’t know at all. I want you to understand that we are living in a misinformation era, which is dangerous for your self-knowledge but also to build a prosperous emotional life. Forget the commercial ideology of 21 or 66 days to change a habit (this is false, and there is no scientific evidence on it). And the superficial information pill that is sold to you every day. You are living your life, not to built straw houses or patchwork, but being who you are without magic formulas. 

Now, grab a pen and two sheets of paper. On one sheet of paper, write this question: Who I want to be?, and in the second one, write: Who Am I today? Your answer should be honest and maximum one entire page without hiding your emotions and behaviors that are prejudice to your life. In the following articles, I will explain in detail why this exercise is so important for our mindset and behavior change. 

The great things of life aren’t necessarily all pleasurable but essential to building you as an individual prepared and instructed to live better with freedom.

Wishing you a lovely week,


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  1. I think it is better to see what resonates with us deeply through listening to our hearts and brains ( both are part of the minds) .Our intuition and/or intellect that is connected to the divine have the discernment and insight to distinguish the right from that which is not right for us .Yes , you are a unique special version of the universe…



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