Flirting is a social skill that everyone possesses and uses consciously or unconsciously. However, what we have seen in the last decades is that flirting has got a bad reputation. For some, it seems to be a manipulative way of getting affection and the obvious invitation for the act of sex. Such a conception couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

The task of flirting is, in essence, an act of kindness and imaginative thoughts about someone that we find agreeable. It is a gift without devilish intentions helping to remind us that the most enjoyable part of connections isn’t sex but our intimate dynamics with someone we like, the laughing, the jokes. The good flirt is a lesson that someone else won’t have sex with us not because we are repulsive, but because the frame of good flirt doesn’t involve such activity. 

Flirt in romantic literature was considered abuse, but how far do we know now how to flirt with someone? In reality, when someone is flirting with us is giving an idea of who we are, which in most cases, we don’t perceive ourselves. We tend to think that if someone else found us interesting, it’s because they are looking for something else, and not because we are attractive human beings. So, the real flirt carries one mission: to restore not only our self-perception but also that our souls have an erotic side, which is part of our essence as animals. But besides that, invite us to rethink our social roles and also how rude and judgmental we are sometimes with some individuals when they approach us with kindness and joy. 

Should we flirt with everyone? No! Just with the ones we feel are genuinely good at their hearts. Because, remember, flirting isn’t a game of emotional manipulation or second intentions.  

The beautiful art of flirting helps us to realize our insecurities towards other’s approaches, destroy emotional barriers, and believe that exists, beautiful people in this world. 

Wishing you a great week!


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