Being a highly sensitive person means that you were born with many challenges, and evidence suggests that early childhood experiences may have epigenetic effects on genes associated with sensitivity, but also mirror neurons. 
Some people might call you over-sensitive, overdramatic. But if they would have your brain, they could understand how you process information knowing that you feel things and others energies around differently. 

Warning: SPS (Sensory Processing Sensitivity) or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) is a term coined by psychologist Elaine Aron in the ’90s. Contrary to what has been written in some unofficial places, HSP isn’t a mental health disorder and can’t be compared with schizophrenia, autism, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Through the years, I’ve seen people telling out loud they are highly sensitive people, empaths, and all kinds of bullshits, but they don’t know shit about what that means (it’s all about themselves). I do have SPS or Sensory Processing Sensitivity, which is an innate trait of personality, as I explained. I do process information more deeply. I need more quiet times and be in nature to rejuvenate than my average peers. But also I have to say that fortunately, I was born in one family that taught me there is nothing more beautiful or pure than to be free and embrace who we are.

I have conscious that this kind of self-disclosure can help people to understand who they are. My SPS was identified by my psychologist when I was 25 years old during a conversation where I described some symptoms. Such as intense headaches after being around some people or in some environments. The necessity to have intense conversations and deep self-reflection. The innate ability to perceive somebody else real intentions or thoughts through the interpretation of their non-verbal communication. The need to question everything, and why I heard so many times from others why I am so sensitive like it was a curse for them. Yes, it is true I can read people’s energy and feel their pain.

Sometimes I’m not the easiest person to deal with in the world, mostly when I need to be alone and inside my world to rejuvenate energetically/emotionally after being overwhelmed by so much information and stimulus. If you want to see a person with SPS flourishing and blooming, never lie to them, has their back in times of need, and be their rocks. In return, they will offer you the entrance to a rich inner world and the love you never experienced in your life. Why? Some well-conducted and recent studies have revealed that the higher sensitivity of HSPs is due to differences in the neurotransmitters such as dopamine, as well the higher activity in the mirror neurons systems. Without forgetting the difference in how the brain process information and emotions (the ventromedial prefrontal cortex).

Negative traits:

  • Prone to the stress of social comparison
  • Feeling the negative emotions of others as our own emotions
  • Feeling upset when people walk away without trying
  • Having a hard time to say no, sometimes
  • The tendency to be our own worst critics
  • Tendency for Perfectionism
  • Feeling responsible for the happiness of others
  • Distractions such as cell phones are fonts of frustrations
  • Stressful situations kill our joy
  • Hating letting people down
  • Dislike Small Talk and Bored Easily in Relationships
  • Emotional reactivity 

Positive Traits:

  • Deep understanding of people and their emotions
  • Strong intuition and empathy 
  • Creative thinker
  • Great self-awareness
  • A profound love for nature and use nature as a way to rejuvenate/heal
  • Ability to cry and be vulnerable
  • Think about subjects deeply and love connections
  • Love is a sacred word
  • Better at spotting and sidestepping errors
  • Rich and complex inner life

To conclude, if someone close to you tells you to stop being so dramatic or sensitive, let them know that you are happy being you. These people should be grateful to have you in their lives because they will receive extra love, consciousness, emotional depth, and a brand new way to perceive the world around them.
Be aware and be careful with people who might try to drain you emotionally but also manipulate your empathy, details of your life, and compassion as a way to fulfill them temporarily till they find someone new and fresh. And this is the power of saying no and walk away from unhealthy dynamics.

Wishing you love!



Aron, Elaine N. (1996). The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You. New York, NY: Broadway Books.

Aron, Elaine N.  (2002). The Highly Sensitive Child: Helping Our Children Thrive When the World Overwhelms Them. New York, NY: Broadway Books. 

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7 comentários

  1. A great article – as always ❤ – And I can relate to literally every single word you've said! Both the negative and the positive traits. Like it really feels like as if you were describing me as a person.
    And well – people always say I am overly dramatic but this isn't something I can control it's just me and as you've also said I am happy being myself.

    Hugs ❤



    1. Hello Mark,

      Thank you for your commentary!

      Unfortunately, I’ve seen too much unnecessary and unrealistic information been written about HPS. HPS isn’t a mental health disorder. Instead, a personality trait that should be respected and honored by those who possess it and by others. I am aware that this is a special gift, but I’m also aware that not many people will be able to understand my intensity and how I process information. Fortunately, as I explained, I grew up in an environment where I could be free and be myself without restrictions. It doesn’t matter the life challenge events that I had to live because it all together just made me stronger.

      I would like to warn people that they should seek professional information and counseling like I did because these topics should be talked about with professional people, not by reading rubbish information across the internet.

      For example, off of this topic, do you know how many videos are available on youtube talking about narcissism? Over 9 million! Why? Because it gives you visibility and because it is a topic on the rise. The only channel that I recommend to understand Narcissism is Dr. Ramani’s channel.

      Now about being a highly sensitive person, here are the two books that changed my life:

      Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person

      The Highly Sensitive Person in Love – Understanding and Managing Relationships The World Overwhelms You

      both by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D

      Hug ❤


  2. Oi Lexa. Como está?
    Bem, eu sou leigo nos aspectos de personalidade de que vc falou. Mas entendo que você seja um tipo raro que se conecta com às pessoas e às coisas de uma forma mais profunda que o normal para a maioria. Eu sempre me conectei com um mundo de uma forma parecida com a sua e achei interessante quando você disse “isso não tem nada de esotérico” pq eu descobri há uns 2 meses que sou médium e isso tem TUDO de esotérico. Na verdade, cheguei na origem das minhas angustias existenciais aos 44 anos de idade e isso tem significado uma mudança radical na minha vida. São muitas descobertas e é um processo dolorido, mas está me ajudando a descobrir minha posição no mundo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olá Ricardo,

      estou bem e espero que também estejas.

      Compreendo perfeitamente aquilo que referes no teu comentário, no entanto, como deves imaginar gosto de explicar cada situação separadamente para não gerar confusão.

      Não sei se sabes, mas posso te dizer, há muitos sítios por aí onde se escreve que SPS é uma condição mental que afecta negativamente o individuo levando-o a ter episódios neuróticos. Tudo isto é mentira. Eu sou uma mulher perfeitamente saudável tanto do ponto de vista físico como mental. Contudo, processo a informação e tudo aquilo que me rodeia de uma forma mais intensa. Se formos para o percurso académico tive problemas pela profundidade em que processo a informação. E porque sempre soube que aquilo que é dado nas escolas é o mínimo para nos manter controlados. Faço-me entender?

      A sociedade de uma forma geral não está preparada para mulheres e homens com as minhas características, se vivessemos na antiguidade Grega ou Romana, provavelmente a história seria outra.

      Vou escrever mais sobre este tema porque tenho imensa informação que posso partilhar, mas até lá aquilo que te posso dizer e pedir é que te protejas. Tem cuidado como utilizas as tuas capacidades e lembra-te que nem todas as pessoas querem de facto ser ajudadas. Muitas querem somente ter um muro das lamentações e isso não é saudável para ti. Nunca te esqueças de andar descalço e não te preocupes com rótulos e merdas. Só o facto de teres estudado filosofia isso diz muito sobre ti e a tua personalidade.

      Um beijinho e cuida-te 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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