Paul Gaugin, the most impressive painter of the nineteenth century, was avant-garde. And the father of the symbolist movement. However, like many other important artists, his work was only recognized after his death in 1903.
All his paintings have an introspective motive behind them, something to dive deep into the essence of human nature.
Today it’s Valentine’s day, and I chose one of his paintings from 1898 called: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

Aren’t Valentine’s day, like many other days, an invitation to think about, feel, and act from the most self-possessed power of human nature called love? What are we? And from where do we come from, most of us, if not from the act of love and dignity?

More than roses, chocolates, jewels, or whatever you want. The gift should be: How much do I love him or her? What back in the years made me chose him or her? And today, how do I feel? How does he or she feel towards me?

I could spend the whole evening writing about how much mechanical relationships are these days, but that’s the surface or superficial aspect of the issue. The issue is how distracted or how much we want to distract ourselves from reality, pain, internal wounds, bad choices, and the truth. The truth that we take others for granted and that we are sometimes lazy partners. Lazy till the point of killing eroticism and romance.

Aging changes us, and aging can be more terrible for women than for men. Our kids should be the reminders that we were, maybe a long time ago, romantic and erotic creatures, and that’s the fundamental reason why we have them now, the ultimate fruit of love.

Many individuals assume these days that discarding partners (more often than not, good partners) or having relationships through fingers tips on their cell phones with the possibility to unfollow or unfriend their partners is the answer to solve what they perceive as problematic. When in reality, it is this behavior of not taking self-responsibility or seeking solutions that destroy relationships.

Returning to Gauging painting, where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? We are the dust of the dust, with the intelligence to chose healthily and one hundred percent responsible for the correction of our subconscious programming by gaining self-awareness and recalibrating emotional/physical homeostasis.

Our hearts are the stronger muscle of our bodies. Remember this and enjoy your day alone or with the one you love.

With love,


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