My belief, understanding, and dispositional core is that when you are a teacher, psychologist, or at least, a professional working with another human being on a deeper level. It is our responsibility to be emotionally educated and educate others.

We all know that breakups for biological and chemical reasons are a harsh experience to go through. But remain in unhappy and sometimes sexless relationships or marriages is detrimental for our mental health.
The fear of being alone and not finding someone, breadcrumbing adaptation, children’s existence, financial impact, and unpredictable future are reasons that make men and women remain in unhappy relationships.

I want, and it is important, to warn of the effects of breadcrumbing. Breadcrumbing is the act of keeping you hooked as a way of receiving attention, knowing that the relationship will never develop into something more. It is also a way of keeping a date on “hold” and a form of social dynamics in which breadcrumbers are not really attracted to the other person. But are interested in remaining relevant/attractive to others (Navarro et al., 2020)

Be smart, and run away or evacuate yourself from unnecessary painful situations or stories.

Enjoy Susan’s video:

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Navarro, R.; Yubero, S.; Larrañaga, E.; Víllora, B. Ghosting and breadcrumbing: Prevalence and relationships with online dating behaviors among young adults. Cyberpsychol. J. Psychol. Res. Cybers 2020. under review. 

LeFebvre, L.E. Phantom lovers: Ghosting as a relationship dissolution strategy in the technological age. In The Impact of Social Media in Modern Romantic Relationships; Punyanunt-Carter, N.M., Wrench, J.S., Eds.; Lexington Books: New York, NY, USA, 2017; pp. 219–235.

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