It Doesn’t matter to proclaim or claim that March 8th is a special day when beyond the ferocity of living, the meaning of humanity and womanhood has lost the power over the shadows of shame and spirit poverty. Be a woman is more than a social concept, more than an article of Vanity Fair magazine. It is an artistic quality itself that demands the ability to embrace sensuality. Dazzle another human being, creating warmth/welcoming atmospheres. Being a woman is powerful, sexy, and the ultimate goal of humanity, the sacred space where feminity meets masculinity. Yes, we love and need men, not the kind of men living outside of their central energy, but the kind of men who knows how to be the man standing next to us in the demands of life. The key point is to choose based on character and not physical traits, even though, without hypocrisy, the last parameter counts. 

Of course, in some aspects, we need more equality. However, we must acknowledge and recognize that women always had an important role in social dynamics. If not, why the need to institute monogamy 10.000 years ago after the agricultural revolution? Men only surpass women in the three-dimensional vision and some cases, in physical strength. 

But no. It isn’t the moment, space or time, to talk about who surpasses who. In reality, and this is my philosophy. Women and men are the blissful forces that together can create and transform the world. Everything beneath that, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse, including emotional abuse, are far from the real meaning of togetherness and communion, which congregates and praise being a man or woman. 

We, as women, should enjoy ourselves more. Take care of our sexuality, our bodies, our lives, our sexual partners, and everything in general because life is short. Choose a good night of sex over gossip about someone else. Call your friends, family, or your partner in times of need. Learn how to say no. Educate yourself not only in a cognitive way but also emotionally. Be the leader, the teacher, your unique voice matters. And finally, remember: 

It’s not enough to be born as a woman. It is necessary to know how to be a woman.

With love,


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  1. It may be a little late, but Happy Woman’s Day. I hope it was a blessing. There is such beauty in just realizing one’s true essence is beautiful. It is a feminine trait that even men should have the pleasure to feel those deep aspects of soul that bring us within, transform, and lift us to new heights. Thank you for sharing. You are definitely touching upon something here, as it relates to reconnecting with those deeper aspects of Self.



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