May is the month of mental health awareness, and I couldn’t let this month vanish away without writing something about it.

I will use the quote of Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, as it saves within it an important aspect of lives as human beings. Which is:

“When you have something to say, silence is a lie!”.

How many of us ever thought about it? How many of us had something to say but didn’t talk about it because of fear? How many of you silently covered injustices made by others. Or worst, did let others suffering injustices because of what could be the consequences of pointing out the truth?

Shutting up injustices, indignations, or diminish your voice as a way to please others is detrimental to mental health. Silence is a lie and can kill you. Why do you think that every day we see in newspapers cases of adolescents and adults killing themselves? Are they crazy? What leads someone to take away life as the last option of surviving the chaos?

When you have something to say, silence is a lie!

When you don’t allow someone to be who they are and express their needs, silence is a lie!

When you let somebody else opinions interfere with your living objectives, projects, and emotional well-being, silence is a lie!

When you nod your head like a puppet or ram saying yes when you want to say no, silence is a lie!

When you leave someone in a vacuum because you don’t know how to deal with their’s emotions and vulnerabilities, your silence is a lie!

When you let your bosses, teachers, intimate partners, family members, or communities get away with their abusive/toxic behaviors, silence is a lie!

Someone who wants to please everyone lives an entire life in constant disappointment. FACT!


Throughout our lives, we will find people willing to sabotage, criticize or diminish the actions or words of others. It doesn’t matter. Why should it matter? Why should it matter for you if someone decides to disappear or pull away because he or she couldn’t handle your truth? This world has around 7 billion people living in it, and you can be sure there are plenty of them who would give anything to be with and cherish you.

Is your pain real? TALK ABOUT IT! Are you suffering because someone or something hurt you deeply? TALK ABOUT IT!

Mental health is a serious topic that we shouldn’t joke around. Mental health problems can happen at any age, and it is necessary awareness and more education about it. For example, kids and young adults spend most of their daily hours at school teachers. As teachers, it isn’t our job to educate ourselves continuously? And therefore, intervene in time and accordingly to support students emotionally? What is our role near families and communities in general?

The main message of this article is one:

When you silence yourself, silence is a lie! And your silence is the perpetrator of unlimited injustices and mental health issues not only for you but also for people in your community like you, men and women who want to express themselves, living their lives and dreams to the fullest.

With love,


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